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Product Company Generic name KEGG DRUG
Fluocinonide cream 1 mg/g (ANDA) Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Fluocinonide D00325
IBU tablet 600 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Ibuprofen D00126
Quetiapine tablet, film coated 400 mg (ANDA) Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Quetiapine D00458
Rosuvastatin Calcium tablet, film coated 40 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Rosuvastatin Calcium D01915
Kapvay tablet, extended release .1 mg (NDA) Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc. clonidine hydrochloride D00604
Atenolol tablet 50 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Atenolol D00235
Escitalopram tablet, film coated 5 mg (ANDA) Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Escitalopram D02567
Phentermine Hydrochloride tablet 37.5 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Phentermine Hydrochloride D05459
Clindamycin Hydrochloride capsule 150 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Clindamycin Hydrochloride D02132
Triamcinolone Acetonide cream .25 mg/g (ANDA) Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Triamcinolone Acetonide D00983
Hydrochlorothiazide capsule, gelatin coated 12.5 mg (NDA AUTHORIZED GENERIC) Proficient Rx LP Hydrochlorothiazide D00340
Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen tablet, film coated 325 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen D09999
Celecoxib capsule 100 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Celecoxib D00567
Nortriptyline Hydrochloride capsule 50 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Nortriptyline Hydrochloride D00816
Vancomycin Hydrochloride injection, powder, lyophilized, for solution 1 g (ANDA) Hospira, Inc. VANCOMYCIN HYDROCHLORIDE D00926
Linezolid tablet, film coated 600 mg (ANDA) Alembic Pharmaceuticals Inc. Linezolid D00947
Amlodipine Besylate tablet 2.5 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Amlodipine besylate D00615
Chlorthalidone tablet 25 mg (ANDA)
Chlorthalidone tablet 50 mg (ANDA)
Ascend Laboratories, LLC Chlorthalidone D00272
Lamotrigine tablet 150 mg (ANDA) REMEDYREPACK INC. Lamotrigine D00354
Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment 5 mg/g (ANDA)
Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment 1 mg/g (ANDA)
RPK Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Triamcinolone Acetonide D00983
Metoprolol Tartrate tablet, film coated 50 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Metoprolol Tartrate D00601
Topiramate tablet 100 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Topiramate D00537
MOXIFLOXACIN solution 5 mg/mL (ANDA) Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MOXIFLOXACIN D00874
Allopurinol tablet 300 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP ALLOPURINOL D00224
Aripiprazole tablet, orally disintegrating 10 mg (ANDA)
Aripiprazole tablet, orally disintegrating 15 mg (ANDA)
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Inc. Aripiprazole D01164
ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE tablet 5 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP zolpidem tartrate D00706
Oxybutynin Chloride tablet 5 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Oxybutynin Chloride D00722
Isoniazid tablet 300 mg (ANDA) REMEDYREPACK INC. Isoniazid D00346
Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride tablet, film coated 25 mg (ANDA) Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride D00672
Mometasone Furoate cream 1 mg/g (ANDA) RPK Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mometasone Furoate D00690
ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE tablet 10 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP zolpidem tartrate D00706
Omeprazole capsule, delayed release 10 mg (ANDA) Proficient Rx LP Omeprazole D00455
Fulvestrant injection, solution 250 mg/5mL (ANDA) Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC Fulvestrant D01161
aripiprazole tablet 10 mg (ANDA) REMEDYREPACK INC. aripiprazole D01164
Paroxetine tablet, film coated 10 mg (ANDA) REMEDYREPACK INC. Paroxetine D02260
Losartan Potassium and Hydrochlorothiazide tablet 25 mg (ANDA) REMEDYREPACK INC. Losartan Potassium and Hydrochlorothiazide D07895
Prochlorperazine Edisylate injection 5 mg/mL (ANDA) Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc. d/b/a Avet Pharmaceuticals Inc. Prochlorperazine Edisylate D02609
Topotecan injection, solution, concentrate 1 mg/mL (NDA) Hospira, Inc. TOPOTECAN D02168
TaperDex 6-day tablet 1.5 mg (ANDA) Xspire Pharma, Llc DEXAMETHASONE D00292
Fulvestrant injection 50 mg/mL (ANDA) Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Fulvestrant D01161
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