KEGG Trans-cinnamate degradation, trans-cinnamate => acetyl-CoA
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Entry osa_M00545 (incomplete)
Name Trans-cinnamate degradation, trans-cinnamate => acetyl-CoA
Definition (((K05708+K05709+K05710+K00529) K05711),K05712) K05713 K05714 K02554 K01666
Type Pathway module
Organism Oryza sativa ssp. japonica cultivar Nipponbare (Japanese rice)
Pathway osa00360 osa01100
Reaction R06783 C00423 -> C12622
R06785 C12622 -> C12623
R06781 C00423 -> C12621
R06787 C12621 -> C12623
R06788 C12623 -> C12624
R06789 C12624 -> C00596
R02601 C00596 -> C03589
R00750 C03589 -> C00084
R00228 C00084 -> C00024
RModule RM004 Dihydroxylation of aromatic ring, type 1 (dioxygenase and dehydrogenase reactions)
RM006 Dihydroxylation of aromatic ring, type 2 (two monooxygenase reactions)
RM010 Dihydroxylation and meta-cleavage of aromatic ring, type 1
RM009 Meta-cleavage of dihydroxylated aromatic ring