KEGG  Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction - Homo sapiens (human)

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    • nt06150 Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction (viruses)
      • N01166 CCL3/5/7/8/13/14/15/16/23 to CCR1 signaling
      • N01173 CCL2/7/8/13/27 to CCR2 signaling
      • N01181 CCL5/7/11/13/15/24/26/27/28 to CCR3 signaling
      • N01190 CCL5/17/22 to CCR4 signaling
      • N01196 CCL3/4/5/8 to CCR5 signaling
      • N01213 CCL20 to CCR6 signaling
      • N01215 CCL1 to CCR8 signaling
      • N01221 CCL25 to CCR9/11 signaling
      • N01225 CCL27/28 to CCR10 signaling
      • N01229 CCL19/21 to CCR7/11 signaling
      • N01233 CXCL1/5/6/8 to CXCR1 signaling
      • N01238 CXCL1/2/3/5/6/7/8 to CXCR2 signaling
      • N01241 CXCL4/9/10/11/13 to CXCR3/5 signaling
      • N01247 CXCL12 to CXCR4/7 signaling
      • N01258 XCL to XCR1 signaling
      • N00403 CX3CR1-GNAI-AC-PKA signaling pathway
      • N00415 IL10-Jak-STAT signaling pathway
      • N01266 IL6 to IL6R signaling
      • N01268 IL2 to IL2R signaling
      • N01269 IL18/37 to IL18R signaling
      • N01271 IL19/20/24 to IL20R signaling
      • N01273 IL20/24 to IL20R/22R signaling
      • N01275 TNF to TNFR signaling
      • N01278 TRAIL to DR/DCR signaling
      • N01280 IL34/CSF1 to CSF1R signaling
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