KEGG  Biosynthesis of various antibiotics - Reference pathway

Including: Kanosamine biosynthesis, Aurachin biosynthesis, Bacilysin biosynthesis, Puromycin biosynthesis, Dapdiamides biosynthesis, Fosfomycin biosynthesis, Cremeomycin biosynthesis, Fumagillin biosynthesis, Pentalenolactone biosynthesis, Terpentecin biosynthesis, Roseoflavin biosynthesis, Cycloserine biosynthesis
Scale: 100%
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  • Pathway modules
    • Biosynthesis of other secondary metabolites
      • Biosynthesis of other antibiotics
        • M00877 Kanosamine biosynthesis
        • M00889 Puromycin biosynthesis
        • M00904 Dapdiamides biosynthesis
        • M00787 Bacilysin biosynthesis
        • M00785 Cycloserine biosynthesis
        • M00848 Aurachin biosynthesis
        • M00788 Terpentecin biosynthesis
        • M00819 Pentalenolactone biosynthesis
        • M00903 Fosfomycin biosynthesis
        • M00890 Roseoflavin biosynthesis
        • M00951 Cremeomycin biosynthesis
        • M00969 Fumagillin biosynthesis
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