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Organism : Bacillus velezensis FZB42
Gene : RBAM_007160
Definition : K01153 type I restriction enzyme, R subunit [EC:] | (GenBank) conserved hypothetical protein
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:HSDR_N3204Type I restriction enzyme R protein N terminus (HSDR_N) 1.1e-37-
pf:ResIII259443Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit 1.2e-17-
pf:SWI2_SNF2265490 1.5e-55-
pf:DUF87292323Domain of unknown function DUF87 0.0049-
pf:DUF2075293412Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2075) 0.016-
pf:DUF33877141047Domain of unknown function (DUF3387) 4.4e-92-
pf:MA3864935MA3 domain 0.18-
pf:DUF2959884953Protein of unknown function (DUF2959) 0.014-

bay:RBAM_007160 pf:HSDR_N pf:ResIII pf:SWI2_SNF2 pf:DUF87 pf:DUF2075 pf:DUF3387 pf:MA3 pf:DUF2959

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