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Organism : Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis 168
Gene : BSU07360
Definition : no KO assigned | (RefSeq) yfmS; sensory transducer protein YfmS
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:sCache_3_329119Single cache domain 3 0.12-
pf:Collagen_mid110247Bacterial collagen, middle region 0.25-
pf:Mce4_CUP1119180Cholesterol uptake porter CUP1 of Mce4, putative 0.25-
pf:ATG17_like119275 0.13-
pf:DUF948122180Bacterial protein of unknown function (DUF948) 0.28-
pf:MCPsignal123171Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (MCP) signalling domain 0.07-
pf:ox_reductase_C123199Putative oxidoreductase C terminal 0.17-
pf:CorA125249CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein 0.031-
pf:BLOC1_2126180Biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex-1 subunit 2 0.9-
pf:DUF6507128172 0.52-
pf:MCPsignal151278Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (MCP) signalling domain 3e-30-
pf:CoV_S2189258 0.74-
pf:TMP_3198280 0.13-
pf:T7SS_ESX_EspC206282Excreted virulence factor EspC, type VII ESX diderm 0.047-
pf:DUF3450207280Protein of unknown function (DUF3450) 0.99-
pf:CHASE3208284CHASE3 domain 0.16-
pf:SKA1211281Spindle and kinetochore-associated protein 1 0.63-
pf:DUF948212275Bacterial protein of unknown function (DUF948) 0.0056-
pf:Laminin_I214269Laminin Domain I 0.49-
pf:Laminin_II219284Laminin Domain II 0.063-
pf:DUF1664223277Protein of unknown function (DUF1664) 0.071-
pf:DUF677223286Protein of unknown function (DUF677) 0.11-
pf:NPV_P10225269Nucleopolyhedrovirus P10 protein 0.96-
pf:GIT1_C225271G protein-coupled receptor kinase-interacting protein 1 C term 0.68-
pf:Vps5231273Vps5 C terminal like 0.23-

bsu:BSU07360 pf:sCache_3_3 pf:Collagen_mid pf:Mce4_CUP1 pf:ATG17_like pf:DUF948 pf:MCPsignal pf:ox_reductase_C pf:CorA pf:BLOC1_2 pf:DUF6507 pf:MCPsignal pf:CoV_S2 pf:TMP_3 pf:T7SS_ESX_EspC pf:DUF3450 pf:CHASE3 pf:SKA1 pf:DUF948 pf:Laminin_I pf:Laminin_II pf:DUF1664 pf:DUF677 pf:NPV_P10 pf:GIT1_C pf:Vps5

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