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Organism : Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis 168
Gene : BSU27730
Definition : K03551 holliday junction DNA helicase RuvB [EC:] | (RefSeq) ruvB; holliday junction ATP-dependent DNA helicase RuvB
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:RuvB_N21179Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB N-terminus 2e-83-
pf:Rad172288Rad17 cell cycle checkpoint protein 0.0018-
pf:DUF8152578Protein of unknown function (DUF815) 0.18-
pf:TniB2572Bacterial TniB protein 0.82-
pf:TIP492881TIP49 C-terminus 0.0008-
pf:Sigma54_activat3775Sigma-54 interaction domain 0.54-
pf:AAA_164375AAA ATPase domain 0.012-
pf:bpMoxR4478 0.86-
pf:Bac_DnaA4577Bacterial dnaA protein 0.76-
pf:Zeta_toxin4978Zeta toxin 0.26-
pf:NB-ARC5076NB-ARC domain 0.022-
pf:Sigma54_activ_250125Sigma-54 interaction domain 0.21-
pf:TsaE5185Threonylcarbamoyl adenosine biosynthesis protein TsaE 0.0075-
pf:Mg_chelatase5373Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI 0.037-
pf:IstB_IS215475IstB-like ATP binding protein 0.26-
pf:AAA_555173AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily) 8.7e-08-
pf:AAA_225576AAA domain 0.13-
pf:AAA_35582ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) 0.033-
pf:NTPase_15577NTPase 0.14-
pf:AAA56178ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) 9.9e-20-
pf:AAA_245673AAA domain 0.03-
pf:AAA_185682AAA domain 0.037-
pf:AAA_255673AAA domain 0.24-
pf:AAA_1456123AAA domain 0.12-
pf:RNA_helicase5684RNA helicase 0.065-
pf:AAA_335679AAA domain 0.24-
pf:AAA_285680AAA domain 0.37-
pf:AAA_175981AAA domain 0.14-
pf:Resolvase84124Resolvase, N terminal domain 0.035-
pf:DUF815169222Protein of unknown function (DUF815) 0.73-
pf:AAA_lid_4182255 1.4e-31-
pf:RuvB_C257326Holliday junction DNA helicase ruvB C-terminus 1.4e-24-

bsu:BSU27730 pf:RuvB_N pf:Rad17 pf:DUF815 pf:TniB pf:TIP49 pf:Sigma54_activat pf:AAA_16 pf:bpMoxR pf:Bac_DnaA pf:Zeta_toxin pf:NB-ARC pf:Sigma54_activ_2 pf:TsaE pf:Mg_chelatase pf:IstB_IS21 pf:AAA_5 pf:AAA_22 pf:AAA_3 pf:NTPase_1 pf:AAA pf:AAA_24 pf:AAA_18 pf:AAA_25 pf:AAA_14 pf:RNA_helicase pf:AAA_33 pf:AAA_28 pf:AAA_17 pf:Resolvase pf:DUF815 pf:AAA_lid_4 pf:RuvB_C

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