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Organism : Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis 168
Gene : BSU37620
Definition : K06314 prespore-specific regulator | (RefSeq) rsfA; prespore-specific transcriptional regulator RsfA
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:Myb_DNA-binding854Myb-like DNA-binding domain 0.035-
pf:Myb_DNA-bind_6963Myb-like DNA-binding domain 0.0011-
pf:PilJ3086Type IV pili methyl-accepting chemotaxis transducer N-term 0.98-
pf:Methyltransf_1448127C-methyltransferase C-terminal domain 0.22-
pf:ACP_PD134213 0.051-
pf:YqhG135225Bacterial protein YqhG of unknown function 0.059-
pf:Exonuc_VII_L150224Exonuclease VII, large subunit 0.032-
pf:XRCC4162228DNA double-strand break repair and V(D)J recombination protein XRCC4 0.00055-
pf:Rota_NSP3162214Rotavirus non-structural protein NSP3 0.42-
pf:KASH_CCD169228Coiled-coil region of CCDC155 or KASH 0.00014-
pf:UPF0449169211Uncharacterised protein family UPF0449 0.0023-
pf:DivIC171217Septum formation initiator 0.00029-
pf:V_ATPase_I172235V-type ATPase 116kDa subunit family 0.94-
pf:ADIP173228Afadin- and alpha -actinin-Binding 0.0019-
pf:DUF4337173213Domain of unknown function (DUF4337) 0.16-
pf:Seadorna_VP6174240Seadornavirus VP6 protein 0.0021-
pf:TolA_bind_tri174224TolA binding protein trimerisation 0.0059-
pf:dsRBD2175234 0.046-
pf:Lectin_N175224Hepatic lectin, N-terminal domain 0.13-
pf:ZapB176226Cell division protein ZapB 2.1e-06-
pf:Spc24176224Spc24 subunit of Ndc80 0.5-
pf:OmpH176227Outer membrane protein (OmpH-like) 0.17-
pf:DUF1664176226Protein of unknown function (DUF1664) 0.69-
pf:Leu_zip177230Leucine zipper 0.0029-

bsu:BSU37620 pf:Myb_DNA-binding pf:Myb_DNA-bind_6 pf:PilJ pf:Methyltransf_14 pf:ACP_PD pf:YqhG pf:Exonuc_VII_L pf:XRCC4 pf:Rota_NSP3 pf:KASH_CCD pf:UPF0449 pf:DivIC pf:V_ATPase_I pf:ADIP pf:DUF4337 pf:Seadorna_VP6 pf:TolA_bind_tri pf:dsRBD2 pf:Lectin_N pf:ZapB pf:Spc24 pf:OmpH pf:DUF1664 pf:Leu_zip

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