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Organism : Mycobacterium dioxanotrophicus
Gene : BTO20_18205
Definition : K01870 isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase [EC:] | (GenBank) isoleucine--tRNA ligase
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:tRNA-synt_119661tRNA synthetases class I (I, L, M and V) 6.1e-178-
pf:tRNA-synt_1g49195tRNA synthetases class I (M) 5.5e-07-
pf:tRNA-synt_1g404478tRNA synthetases class I (M) 0.0045-
pf:tRNA-synt_1e603656tRNA synthetases class I (C) catalytic domain 0.0029-
pf:tRNA-synt_1g610656tRNA synthetases class I (M) 0.016-
pf:Anticodon_1709846Anticodon-binding domain of tRNA 4.1e-22-
pf:Terpene_synth_C710751Terpene synthase family, metal binding domain 0.24-

mdx:BTO20_18205 pf:tRNA-synt_1 pf:tRNA-synt_1g pf:tRNA-synt_1g pf:tRNA-synt_1e pf:tRNA-synt_1g pf:Anticodon_1 pf:Terpene_synth_C

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