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Organism : Nitrospira defluvii
Gene : NIDE1973
Definition : K11891 type VI secretion system protein ImpL | (GenBank) conserved membrane protein of unknown function, IcmF-related
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:ImcF-related_N197453ImcF-related N-terminal domain 1.1e-89-
pf:IcmF-related502809Intracellular multiplication and human macrophage-killing 3.8e-62-
pf:IcmF_C9491150Type VI secretion protein IcmF C-terminal 5.9e-47-

nde:NIDE1973 pf:ImcF-related_N pf:IcmF-related pf:IcmF_C

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