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Organism : Neisseria sp. KEM232
Gene : CGZ77_03180
Definition : K02045 sulfate/thiosulfate transport system ATP-binding protein [EC:] | (GenBank) sulfate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:AAA_231048AAA domain 0.0017-
pf:AAA_291345P-loop containing region of AAA domain 0.05-
pf:AAA_151553AAA ATPase domain 0.35-
pf:ABC_tran18164ABC transporter 6.4e-36-
pf:Rad171849Rad17 cell cycle checkpoint protein 0.033-
pf:AAA_162454AAA ATPase domain 0.0046-
pf:SMC_N25210RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain 0.00011-
pf:AAA_252545AAA domain 0.19-
pf:RsgA_GTPase2754 0.023-
pf:AAA_2228192AAA domain 0.024-
pf:AAA_302867AAA domain 0.024-
pf:AAA_213054AAA domain, putative AbiEii toxin, Type IV TA system 0.0033-
pf:NACHT3249NACHT domain 0.18-
pf:AAA3369ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) 0.0093-
pf:AAA_283354AAA domain 0.33-
pf:AAA_183363AAA domain 0.41-
pf:AAA_53351AAA domain (dynein-related subfamily) 0.47-
pf:AAA_21120196AAA domain, putative AbiEii toxin, Type IV TA system 6.4e-05-
pf:TniB138201Bacterial TniB protein 0.52-
pf:SbcCD_C154177Putative exonuclease SbcCD, C subunit 0.12-
pf:ABC_ATPase177216Predicted ATPase of the ABC class 0.36-
pf:CysA_C_terminal243283 1.7e-07-
pf:TOBE_2276340TOBE domain 0.00071-
pf:TOBE289338TOBE domain 6.6e-05-
pf:TOBE_3290341TOBE-like domain 2.3e-07-

nek:CGZ77_03180 pf:AAA_23 pf:AAA_29 pf:AAA_15 pf:ABC_tran pf:Rad17 pf:AAA_16 pf:SMC_N pf:AAA_25 pf:RsgA_GTPase pf:AAA_22 pf:AAA_30 pf:AAA_21 pf:NACHT pf:AAA pf:AAA_28 pf:AAA_18 pf:AAA_5 pf:AAA_21 pf:TniB pf:SbcCD_C pf:ABC_ATPase pf:CysA_C_terminal pf:TOBE_2 pf:TOBE pf:TOBE_3

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