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Organism : Nematostella vectensis (sea anemone)
Gene : NEMVE_v1g94316
Definition : K04564 superoxide dismutase, Fe-Mn family [EC:] | (RefSeq) hypothetical protein
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:Sod_Fe_N383Iron/manganese superoxide dismutases, alpha-hairpin domain 8.1e-25-
pf:AHH2656A nuclease family of the HNH/ENDO VII superfamily with conserved AHH 0.084-
pf:Sod_Fe_C93194Iron/manganese superoxide dismutases, C-terminal domain 3.6e-30-

nve:NEMVE_v1g94316 pf:Sod_Fe_N pf:AHH pf:Sod_Fe_C

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