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Organism : Polaromonas sp. JS666
Gene : Bpro_2255
Definition : K02036 phosphate transport system ATP-binding protein [EC:] | (GenBank) phosphate ABC transporter ATP-binding protein, PhoT family
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:AAA_231762AAA domain 0.00034-
pf:AAA_292759P-loop containing region of AAA domain 0.00065-
pf:AAA_152990AAA ATPase domain 0.00012-
pf:RsgA_GTPase3062 0.00057-
pf:Rad173166Rad17 cell cycle checkpoint protein 0.0023-
pf:ABC_tran32187ABC transporter 8e-34-
pf:Adeno_IVa23264Adenovirus IVa2 protein 0.52-
pf:AAA_253959AAA domain 0.1-
pf:SMC_N40225RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain 1.4e-05-
pf:AAA_2242144AAA domain 6.6e-05-
pf:AAA_1642168AAA ATPase domain 0.0027-
pf:AAA_304267AAA domain 0.39-
pf:AAA_214477AAA domain, putative AbiEii toxin, Type IV TA system 0.00055-
pf:TniB4474Bacterial TniB protein 0.54-
pf:AAA_334460AAA domain 0.24-
pf:G-alpha46135G-protein alpha subunit 0.066-
pf:AAA_284664AAA domain 0.33-
pf:AAA4767ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) 0.51-
pf:AAA_21175217AAA domain, putative AbiEii toxin, Type IV TA system 0.00055-

pol:Bpro_2255 pf:AAA_23 pf:AAA_29 pf:AAA_15 pf:RsgA_GTPase pf:Rad17 pf:ABC_tran pf:Adeno_IVa2 pf:AAA_25 pf:SMC_N pf:AAA_22 pf:AAA_16 pf:AAA_30 pf:AAA_21 pf:TniB pf:AAA_33 pf:G-alpha pf:AAA_28 pf:AAA pf:AAA_21

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