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Organism : Spirochaeta africana
Gene : Spiaf_1716
Definition : K01921 D-alanine-D-alanine ligase [EC:] | (GenBank) D-alanine--D-alanine ligase
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:Dala_Dala_lig_N3120D-ala D-ala ligase N-terminus 4e-27-
pf:ATPgrasp_Ter128202ATP-grasp in the biosynthetic pathway with Ter operon 0.034-
pf:CPSase_L_D2130312Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase L chain, ATP binding domain 2e-05-
pf:ATPgrasp_ST130195Sugar-transfer associated ATP-grasp 0.0018-
pf:RimK130203RimK-like ATP-grasp domain 0.26-
pf:Dala_Dala_lig_C137342D-ala D-ala ligase C-terminus 2.1e-70-
pf:ATP-grasp139311ATP-grasp domain 2.5e-08-
pf:ATP-grasp_3161311ATP-grasp domain 0.43-
pf:ATP-grasp_4172203ATP-grasp domain 0.0017-

sfc:Spiaf_1716 pf:Dala_Dala_lig_N pf:ATPgrasp_Ter pf:CPSase_L_D2 pf:ATPgrasp_ST pf:RimK pf:Dala_Dala_lig_C pf:ATP-grasp pf:ATP-grasp_3 pf:ATP-grasp_4

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