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Organism : Thermus thermophilus HB8
Gene : TTHA0508
Definition : K13640 MerR family transcriptional regulator, heat shock protein HspR | (RefSeq) MerR family transcriptional regulator
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:MerR_11279MerR HTH family regulatory protein 7.1e-18-
pf:MerR1449MerR family regulatory protein 1e-09-
pf:HTH_171757Helix-turn-helix domain 0.23-
pf:MerR_21991MerR HTH family regulatory protein 3.5e-08-
pf:AP_endonuc_221102Xylose isomerase-like TIM barrel 0.63-
pf:Apolipoprotein65112Apolipoprotein A1/A4/E domain 0.028-
pf:MYO10_CC74108Unconventional myosin-X coiled coil domain 0.07-
pf:NYD-SP2876111Sperm tail 1-
pf:MerR_1131198MerR HTH family regulatory protein 7.1e-18-
pf:MerR133168MerR family regulatory protein 1e-09-
pf:HTH_17136176Helix-turn-helix domain 0.23-
pf:MerR_2138210MerR HTH family regulatory protein 3.5e-08-
pf:FAM184193229Family with sequence similarity 184, A and B 0.57-
pf:MYO10_CC193215Unconventional myosin-X coiled coil domain 0.98-

ttj:TTHA0508 pf:MerR_1 pf:MerR pf:HTH_17 pf:MerR_2 pf:AP_endonuc_2 pf:Apolipoprotein pf:MYO10_CC pf:NYD-SP28 pf:MerR_1 pf:MerR pf:HTH_17 pf:MerR_2 pf:FAM184 pf:MYO10_CC

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