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(352 a.a.)
K01155  E3.1.21.4  haeIIR; type II restriction enzyme HaeII; K01155 type II restriction enzyme [EC:]
Cont.KOOrthCurrent Annotation
> hih:NF38_06680(352)352100.02259
0<>    restriction endonuclease HaeII
> hiw:NTHI477_00287(352)352100.02259
0<>    HaeII restriction endonuclease
> hix:NTHI723_00205(352)352100.02259
0<>    HaeII restriction endonuclease
> hil:HICON_16870(352)35299.72242
0<>    Type II restriction enzyme HaeII
> ngk:NGK_2248(350)34661.81402
0->    putative NgoI restriction endonuclease
> ngo:NGO1992(350)34661.81402
0->    type II restriction-modification system endonuclease
> nmi:NMO_0083(350)34661.81402
0->    putative type II restriction endonuclease
> blep:AL038_12700(356)34960.51363
0->    restriction endonuclease
> smon:AWR27_10455(352)34759.11343
0->    restriction endonuclease
> cmp:Cha6605_0782(351)34360.31327
0->    HaeII restriction endonuclease
> synp:Syn7502_00376(354)33647.61075
0->    HaeII restriction endonuclease
> miq:B5D77_04885(356)33646.71024
0->    restriction endonuclease
> cyt:cce_3200(270)26439.0699
0--    putative type II restriction enzyme HaeII
> noe:CLI64_19015(165)13947.5437
0--    hypothetical protein
> pgc:109851994(281)14231.0127()0-- K02564  nagB glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerase; K02564 glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase [EC:]
> fox:FOXG_02821(580)11432.5120
0--    hypothetical protein
> zal:AZF00_01835(187)8434.5116
0--    hypothetical protein
> cfo:105253262(281)14330.8115()0-- K02564  nagB glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerase isoform X1; K02564 glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase [EC:]
> prap:110991421(412)5431.5115(9)0-- K02925  RP-L3e 60S ribosomal protein L3; K02925 large subunit ribosomal protein L3e
> pmic:NW74_03740(616)5736.8114()1-- K03572  mutL DNA mismatch repair protein; K03572 DNA mismatch repair protein MutL
> tprf:A3L09_09325(333)13132.8114
0--    hypothetical protein
> acep:105627243(281)14330.1113()0-- K02564  nagB glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerase; K02564 glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase [EC:]
> cre:CHLREDRAFT_180177(1255)7530.7113
1095--    predicted protein
> aec:105151196(281)14330.1112()1-- K02564  nagB glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerase isoform X1; K02564 glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase [EC:]
> dpl:KGM_215840(399)5431.5112
0-- K02925  RP-L3e control protein HCTL036; K02925 large subunit ribosomal protein L3e
> ksk:KSE_02640(516)12234.4112
15--    putative amino acid transporter
> pcb:PCHAS_144210(803)11330.1112
0--    PC403963.00.0; conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
> shs:STEHIDRAFT_117934(477)7131.0112
20--    S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase
> slb:AWJ20_3310(579)12830.5112
0-- K00624  E2.3.1.7 YAT1; carnitine O-acetyltransferase YAT1; K00624 carnitine O-acetyltransferase [EC:]
> smin:v1.2.027709.t1(308)5234.6111
0--    symbB.v1.2.027709.t1; -
> spsy:AZE41_06220(739)9430.9111
0-- K03657  uvrD DNA helicase; K03657 DNA helicase II / ATP-dependent DNA helicase PcrA [EC:]
> zju:107423098(545)6737.3111
0--    pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At3g22670, mitochondrial
> beb:AEM42_00410(261)7934.2110
0--    hypothetical protein
> vpo:Kpol_461p16(807)14630.8110
10-- K14766  NOP14 hypothetical protein ; K14766 nucleolar protein 14
> abl:A7H1H_1154(615)8132.1108
6--    two-component system histidine kinase
> fve:101298780(1128)7832.1108
488-- K17964  LRPPRC pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein At5g55840; K17964 leucine-rich PPR motif-containing protein, mitochondrial
> oaa:103171044(34921)6141.0108
1447-- K12567  TTN TTN; titin; K12567 titin [EC:]
> tsl:A3L11_08525(308)10332.0108
0--    hypothetical protein
> acan:ACA1_137420(243)7534.7107
417-- K15263  LYER LYAR-type C2HC zinc finger protein; K15263 cell growth-regulating nucleolar protein
> cjb:BN148_0369c(458)8132.1107(2)1--    ferredoxin domain-containing integral membrane protein
> cje:Cj0369c(458)8132.1107(2)1--    ferredoxin domain-containing integral membrane protein
> cjei:N135_00413(458)8132.1107
1--    4Fe-4S ferredoxin
> cjej:N564_00352(458)8132.1107
1--    4Fe-4S ferredoxin
> cjen:N755_00402(458)8132.1107
1--    4Fe-4S ferredoxin
> cjeu:N565_00402(458)8132.1107
1--    4Fe-4S ferredoxin
> cji:CJSA_0342(458)8132.1107
2--    iron-sulfur cluster-binding domain-containing protein
> cjp:A911_01790(458)8132.1107
2--    iron-sulfur cluster-binding domain-containing protein
> cjr:CJE0418(458)8132.1107
2--    iron-sulfur cluster-binding domain protein
> cjs:CJS3_0359(458)8132.1107(2)2--    Ferredoxin domain-containing integral membrane protein
> cjw:PJ18_01790(458)8132.1107
1--    4Fe-4S ferredoxin
> cjy:QZ67_00371(458)8132.1107
1--    Ubp3 associated protein Bre5
> cjz:M635_06150(458)8132.1107
1--    4Fe-4S ferredoxin
> ndi:NDAI_0A01860(2152)7335.6107()3-- K00264  GLT1 NDAI0A01860; hypothetical protein; K00264 glutamate synthase (NADPH/NADH) [EC:]
> pola:BXQ17_05970(129)10731.8107()0-- K03574  mutT DNA mismatch repair protein MutT; K03574 8-oxo-dGTP diphosphatase [EC:]
> aci:ACIAD1069(509)7231.9106()2-- K04567  KARS  [sp:SYK_ACIAD] lysS; lysyl-tRNA synthetase; K04567 lysyl-tRNA synthetase, class II [EC:]
> aly:ARALYDRAFT_315190(445)10933.9106
39-- K15032  MTERFD hypothetical protein; K15032 mTERF domain-containing protein, mitochondrial
> att:AMQ28_03810(508)8230.5106()0-- K04567  KARS lysyl-tRNA synthetase; K04567 lysyl-tRNA synthetase, class II [EC:]
> age:AA314_02070(650)8736.8105
1--    Hypothetical protein
> cjq:UC78_0040(1240)9331.2105
1--    paeR7IM; Modification methylase PaeR7I
> fjo:Fjoh_1189(1679)12330.9105
21--    regulator of chromosome condensation, RCC1
> ful:C4N20_16125(388)10730.8105
0--    DUF2331 domain-containing protein
> sko:100366358(1984)10832.4105(2)0-- K20163  DENND4 DENND4A; DENN/MADD domain containing 4A; K20163 DENN domain-containing protein 4
> tni:TVNIR_0477(767)8230.5105()6-- K04084  dsbD dsbD_[H]; Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein DsbD, protein-disulfide reductase; K04084 thiol:disulfide interchange protein DsbD [EC:]
> tpz:Tph_c22950(561)11030.0105
0--    hypothetical protein
> tru:101073522(2099)10831.5105
23-- K21853  DOCK9_10_11 dock11; dedicator of cytokinesis 11; K21853 dedicator of cytokinesis protein 9/10/11
> yal:AT01_1668(503)11531.3105
5-- K02454  gspE epsE; general secretion pathway protein E; K02454 general secretion pathway protein E
> gem:GM21_3481(276)8330.1104()1-- K07056  rsmI Uroporphyrin-III C/tetrapyrrole (Corrin/Porphyrin) methyltransferase; K07056 16S rRNA (cytidine1402-2'-O)-methyltransferase [EC:]
> hmc:HYPMC_0267(192)6630.3104
1-- K03186  ubiX ubiX; 3-octaprenyl-4-hydroxybenzoate carboxy-lyase (Polyprenyl p-hydroxybenzoate decarboxylase); K03186 flavin prenyltransferase [EC:]
> nam:NAMH_0750(454)14131.9104
3--    hydrogenase-3, subunit E
> psin:CAK95_17595(248)8431.0104
0--    hypothetical protein
> asc:ASAC_1458(825)15530.3103()0-- K06957  tmcA predicted P-loop ATPase fused to an acetyltransferase; K06957 tRNA(Met) cytidine acetyltransferase [EC:]
> ats:109734435(1393)9536.8103
0-- K17964  LRPPRC uncharacterized protein LOC109734435; K17964 leucine-rich PPR motif-containing protein, mitochondrial
> ble:BleG1_0399(142)6031.7103
1--    hypothetical protein
> has:Halsa_1615(349)10031.0103()0-- K01921  ddl D-alanine/D-alanine ligase; K01921 D-alanine-D-alanine ligase [EC:]
> msu:MS1199(679)9633.3103()0-- K01414  prlC dcp; Dcp protein; K01414 oligopeptidase A [EC:]
> ncc:104955835(337)7332.9103
0--    polh; DNA polymerase eta
> orh:Ornrh_0062(235)7433.8103
0--    hypothetical protein
> ori:Q785_00395(235)7433.8103
0--    hypothetical protein
> pgu:PGUG_04312(836)8332.5103
25-- K11132  EST1 hypothetical protein; K11132 telomere elongation protein [EC:2.7.7.-]
> pti:PHATRDRAFT_47936(2798)8633.7103
20-- K16803  CKAP5 hypothetical protein; K16803 cytoskeleton-associated protein 5
> aat:D11S_0290(240)5236.5102()2-- K10009  ABC.CYST.P cysteine ABC transporter permease; K10009 cystine transport system permease protein
> ath:AT1G60400(403)13330.8102
182--     [sp:FB69_ARATH] F-box/RNI-like superfamily protein
> cih:ATE47_10675(175)7136.6102
0--    hypothetical protein
> cpf:CPF_2375(254)9131.9102()5-- K02237  comEA putative comE operon protein 1; K02237 competence protein ComEA
> nos:Nos7107_2072(345)7731.2102
1-- K15918  GLYK glycerate kinase; K15918 D-glycerate 3-kinase [EC:]
> ppi:YSA_p00139(504)8835.2102
0--    putative DNA helicase
> psq:PUNSTDRAFT_47263(686)5335.8102
9--    hypothetical protein
> saf:SULAZ_0899(150)5836.2102()0-- K07042  ybeY conserved hypothetical protein; K07042 probable rRNA maturation factor
> aao:ANH9381_0616(240)5236.5101()2-- K10009  ABC.CYST.P glutamine-binding periplasmic protein/glutamine transport system permease; K10009 cystine transport system permease protein
> acd:AOLE_14350(509)8230.5101()3-- K04567  KARS lysS; lysyl-tRNA synthetase; K04567 lysyl-tRNA synthetase, class II [EC:]
> adf:107357778(1549)9331.2101
0-- K12818  DHX8 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DEAH12, chloroplastic-like; K12818 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX8/PRP22 [EC:]
> ajo:RZ95_11805(508)8230.5101()0-- K04567  KARS lysyl-tRNA synthetase; K04567 lysyl-tRNA synthetase, class II [EC:]
> barb:AOA66_1501(335)10430.8101
0--    shyB; Sulfhydrogenase 2 subunit beta
> chv:CHELV3228_1071(488)6934.8101
0-- K12072  traH conjugative transfer pilus assembly protein TraH; K12072 conjugative transfer pilus assembly protein TraH
> cit:102620486(881)8631.4101
410--    probable disease resistance protein At5g63020
> hae:halTADL_0620(410)15430.5101
0-- K03042  rpoA2 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit A'; K03042 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit A" [EC:]
> heg:HPGAM_01230(368)14831.1101()1-- K00099  dxr 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase; K00099 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase [EC:]
> hhl:Halha_2385(340)9130.8101
0-- K06320  cgeB hypothetical protein; K06320 spore maturation protein CgeB
> lan:Lacal_0687(135)10730.8101
0-- K03574  mutT NUDIX hydrolase; K03574 8-oxo-dGTP diphosphatase [EC:]
> mbas:ALGA_4411(669)13130.5101
0-- K01187  malZ alpha-glucosidase; K01187 alpha-glucosidase [EC:]
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