GFIT result for T04428

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(408 a.a.)
    hypothetical protein
Cont.KOOrthCurrent Annotation
> pll:I858_012540(407)40866.41819
0<>    hypothetical protein
> pku:AUO94_05410(406)40863.01740
0<>    hypothetical protein
> pfae:AJGP001_12135(406)40862.51736
0<>    hypothetical protein
> phc:BBI08_07530(403)40859.61691(1590)0<>    hypothetical protein
> pdg:BCM40_04970(403)40858.31624
0<>    hypothetical protein
> pln:Plano_2055(403)40855.11582(1481)0<>    hypothetical protein
> play:DNR44_009380(404)41332.9763
1<>    hypothetical protein
> pgq:FK545_01025(284)28538.9720(383)0--    hypothetical protein
> pmar:B0X71_12725(400)41131.1594
2->    hypothetical protein
> psyh:D0S48_06525(415)42126.1473
1<>    DUF4129 domain-containing protein
> panc:E2636_07505(414)40622.7424
0->    hypothetical protein
> psyo:PB01_05350(411)40222.6419
1<>    hypothetical protein
> hli:HLI_17105(404)42124.0302
0->    hypothetical protein
> paek:D3873_03945(412)42324.6301
0<>    hypothetical protein
> vir:X953_03790(403)40123.7282
0->    hypothetical protein
> pof:GS400_01605(414)42422.4268(164)0->    hypothetical protein
> vhl:BME96_03020(406)41120.7268
0->    hypothetical protein
> bhk:B4U37_10545(403)42523.3258
0->    hypothetical protein
> stea:C0679_07080(393)40821.8252
1->    hypothetical protein
> vil:CFK37_02415(402)41423.2249
1->    hypothetical protein
> hhd:HBHAL_3956(406)40124.7234
0->    hypothetical protein
> bco:Bcell_0750(397)41720.6221
0->    hypothetical protein
> bif:N288_08525(428)40925.7219
1->    hypothetical protein
> jeo:JMA_14850(381)40220.9213
1->    hypothetical protein
> fpn:ABE65_004210(401)40920.0212(106)1->    hypothetical protein
> shv:AAT16_01115(398)41720.6210
0->    hypothetical protein
> tap:GZ22_04470(390)41923.2208
1->    hypothetical protein
> bcl:ABC0787(805)21925.1171()3-- K05565  mnhA mrpA; multiple resistance and pH regulation related protein MrpA; K05565 multicomponent Na+:H+ antiporter subunit A
> ccon:AFK62_04945(902)22425.4160
9--    beta-carotene 15,15'-monooxygenase
> oih:OB1991(805)22326.5160(3)3-- K05565  mnhA NADH dehydrogenase; K05565 multicomponent Na+:H+ antiporter subunit A
> wcb:AO080_10120(459)22526.7158
12-- K03293  TC.AAT amino acid transporter; K03293 amino acid transporter, AAT family
> cohn:KCTCHS21_25950(291)19329.5157(36)1-- K03179  ubiA 4-hydroxybenzoate octaprenyltransferase; K03179 4-hydroxybenzoate polyprenyltransferase [EC:]
> mthe:MSTHC_1834(544)35425.1157
1--    hypothetical protein
> mthr:MSTHT_1454(544)35425.1157
1--    hypothetical protein
> sall:SAZ_30215(499)20825.0156
9-- K03457  TC.NCS1 allantoin permease; K03457 nucleobase:cation symporter-1, NCS1 family
> salu:DC74_5713(499)20825.0156
9-- K03457  TC.NCS1 hypothetical protein; K03457 nucleobase:cation symporter-1, NCS1 family
> lbw:C3V36_03585(647)25527.5154
1--    hypothetical protein
> bhan:CGC63_05455(244)12428.2150
4-- K19310  bcrB ABC transporter permease; K19310 bacitracin transport system permease protein
> llu:AKJ09_10968(405)19625.5150()22-- K08151  tetA Tetracycline efflux protein TetA; K08151 MFS transporter, DHA1 family, tetracycline resistance protein
> lrg:LRHM_0232(304)17825.3150(47)0--    conserved hypothetical protein
> lrh:LGG_00234(252)17825.3150(47)0--    Putative protein without homology
> hay:C3V42_05620(530)16431.1140
2-- K19005  ltaS arylsulfatase; K19005 lipoteichoic acid synthase [EC:]
> gga:395489(293)9335.5132
1--     [sp:EURL_CHICK] C1H21ORF91; protein EURL
> cjo:107322496(301)9333.3131
1--    C1H21orf91; protein EURL homolog isoform X1
> pkt:AT984_10580(1057)10933.0131(30)11--    multidrug transporter AcrB
> hla:Hlac_0227(395)9530.5130
14-- K01998  livM inner-membrane translocator; K01998 branched-chain amino acid transport system permease protein
> aam:106494973(293)8933.7129
1--    chromosome unknown open reading frame, human C21orf91
> mgp:100546632(293)9333.3129(27)0--    C1H21orf91; protein EURL homolog
> pser:ABRG53_2443(412)9033.3128
21-- K01768  E4.6.1.1 adenylate/guanylate cyclase; K01768 adenylate cyclase [EC:]
> psni:NIBR502771_20540(143)11733.3128
1--    DUF2177 family protein
> mxa:MXAN_1695(819)14331.5127(25)51-- K02004  ABC.CD.P putative permease; K02004 putative ABC transport system permease protein
> hab:SG26_10665(131)7833.3126
1--    hypothetical protein
> hhi:HAH_0559(131)7833.3126
0--    conserved hypothetical protein
> hhn:HISP_02890(131)7833.3126
0--    hypothetical protein
> nsf:FAH66_05890(741)8036.2126()0-- K02238  comEC DNA internalization-related competence protein ComEC/Rec2; K02238 competence protein ComEC
> awu:BEN71_10770(378)17030.0125()3-- K05837  rodA rodA; rod shape-determining protein RodA; K05837 rod shape determining protein RodA
> ksc:CD178_02627(368)10632.1124
3-- K02015  ABC.FEV.P hmuU_2; Hemin transport system permease protein HmuU; K02015 iron complex transport system permease protein
> pft:JBW_01652(478)10932.1124
15-- K02205  rocE amino acid permease-associated region; K02205 arginine/ornithine permease
> zma:100282073(417)5337.7124(8)982--    AT-hook protein 1
> aot:AcetOri_orf01831(369)12931.8122(11)1-- K02015  ABC.FEV.P iron-siderophore ABC transporter permease; K02015 iron complex transport system permease protein
> bon:A361_08575(104)8435.7122
0--    hypothetical protein
> nsa:Nitsa_0769(877)12331.7122
2--    Protein of unknown function DUF2339, transmembrane
> phs:C2L64_36430(453)10032.0122(11)139-- K08195  pcaK MFS transporter; K08195 MFS transporter, AAHS family, 4-hydroxybenzoate transporter
> rno:29716(2203)10230.4122
85-- K04851  CACNA1D  [sp:CAC1D_RAT] Cacna1d; calcium voltage-gated channel subunit alpha1 D; K04851 voltage-dependent calcium channel L type alpha-1D
> tva:TVAG_117040(332)6631.8122(17)1--    hypothetical protein
> camg:CAMM_04095(460)9135.2121()3-- K03311  TC.LIVCS amino acid:cation symporter; K03311 branched-chain amino acid:cation transporter, LIVCS family
> han:110914804(376)9031.1121
7--    S-type anion channel SLAH1-like
> rsi:Runsl_4002(483)12430.6121()0-- K19294  algI membrane bound O-acyl transferase MBOAT family protein; K19294 alginate O-acetyltransferase complex protein AlgI
> cof:FOZ74_05790(199)16330.1120
13--    LysE family translocator
> hna:Hneap_0879(204)7237.5120()0--    protein of unknown function UPF0126
> lyb:C3943_01095(462)13630.9120
44--    two-component sensor histidine kinase
> mes:Meso_2271(484)8234.1120()0-- K19294  algI membrane bound O-acyl transferase, MBOAT; K19294 alginate O-acetyltransferase complex protein AlgI
> nlc:EBAPG3_002520(421)7533.3120(15)3-- K15011  regB sensor histidine kinase; K15011 two-component system, sensor histidine kinase RegB [EC:]
> nmel:110401914(293)9033.3120(16)1--    C1H21orf91; protein EURL homolog
> nvr:FEJ81_04825(192)9931.3120
6--    hypothetical protein
> aql:BXU06_10845(1034)9434.0119
10--    multidrug transporter AcrB
> atm:ANT_06550(500)13130.5119(19)10--    hypothetical membrane protein
> lch:Lcho_0144(1047)10532.4119
8--    heavy metal efflux pump, CzcA family
> rtp:109935275(664)11132.4119
47-- K05681  ABCG2 abcg2; ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2; K05681 ATP-binding cassette, subfamily G (WHITE), member 2
> smd:Smed_5148(514)11031.8119(16)18-- K08167  smvA major facilitator transporter; K08167 MFS transporter, DHA2 family, multidrug resistance protein
> amih:CO731_00285(326)10330.1118
0--    Acyltransferase family protein
> bct:GEM_5205(108)9932.3118
0--    hypothetical protein
> enf:AKI40_3127(406)8432.1118(9)22-- K09970  aapQ amino acid ABC transporter permease protein; K09970 general L-amino acid transport system permease protein
> gho:AL542_02400(299)8532.9118()7-- K02001  proW ABC transporter permease; K02001 glycine betaine/proline transport system permease protein
> lbh:Lbuc_1659(180)10632.1118()1-- K03523  bioY BioY protein; K03523 biotin transport system substrate-specific component
> mbg:BN140_1425(878)10830.6118
1-- K21306  aglB dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide-proteinglycosyltransferase; K21306 dolichyl-phosphooligosaccharide-protein glycotransferase [EC:]
> mema:MMAB1_1829(878)10830.6118
0-- K21306  aglB Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase; K21306 dolichyl-phosphooligosaccharide-protein glycotransferase [EC:]
> parc:CI960_12395(574)12231.1118
7--    hypothetical protein
> pdi:BDI_0521(574)12231.1118
7--    conserved hypothetical protein
> pgc:109854401(618)11230.4118
13--    sodium-dependent nutrient amino acid transporter 1-like
> rdp:RD2015_415(159)8834.1118
3-- K02116  atpI Putative ATP synthase protein I AtpI; K02116 ATP synthase protein I
> rgi:RGI145_11530(351)11230.4118
7-- K02015  ABC.FEV.P iron ABC transporter permease; K02015 iron complex transport system permease protein
> buf:D8682_09555(141)13930.9117
0--    two pore domain potassium channel family protein
> dko:I596_2681(438)12832.0117
6-- K03301  TC.AAA Putative transmembrane protein; K03301 ATP:ADP antiporter, AAA family
> enr:H650_23590(680)9232.6117(9)2--    membrane protein
> hai:109393469(639)13432.1117
32-- K08210  SLC22A14 SLC22A14; solute carrier family 22 member 14; K08210 MFS transporter, OCT family, solute carrier family 22 (organic cation transporter), member 14
> ksa:C813_06610(709)9232.6117
2--    TIGR01666 family membrane protein
> ljr:NCTC11533_01968(435)13331.6117
1-- K16647  aftC Protein of uncharacterised function (DUF2029); K16647 arabinofuranan 3-O-arabinosyltransferase [EC:]
> mpur:MARPU_12360(472)10434.6117()11--    membrane protein
> muh:HYN43_027240(289)13533.3117()1--    DMT family transporter
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