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Organism : Apis mellifera (honey bee)
Gene : 411132
Definition : K05619 transglutaminase 1 [EC:] | (RefSeq) Tg, GB11241; transglutaminase (EC:
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:Transglut_N34161Transglutaminase family 5.5e-32-
pf:Transglut_core301395Transglutaminase-like superfamily 3e-17-
pf:P66_CC486502Coiled-coil and interaction region of P66A and P66B with MBD2 0.23-
pf:Transglut_C517621Transglutaminase family, C-terminal ig like domain 2.6e-13-
pf:Transglut_C630726Transglutaminase family, C-terminal ig like domain 1.4e-07-

ame:411132 pf:Transglut_N pf:Transglut_core pf:P66_CC pf:Transglut_C pf:Transglut_C

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