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Organism : Candida albicans
Gene : CaO19.7794
Definition : URE2; one of eight potential glutathione S-transferases (GSTs); similar to Ure2 GST/negative regulator of GATA factor GLN3-mediated transcription; complements S. cerevisiae URE2 (YNL229C) gene deletion, without producing the [URE3] prion phenotype; K00799 glutathione S-transferase [EC:]
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:GST_N104179Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain 1.9e-13-
pf:GST_N_3106182 5.2e-09-
pf:GST_N_2116178 5.7e-11-
pf:GST_C214335Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain 1.5e-17-
pf:GST_C_2234329 0.022-

cal:CaO19.7794 pf:GST_N pf:GST_N_3 pf:GST_N_2 pf:GST_C pf:GST_C_2

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