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Organism : Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus
Gene : Csac_1228
Definition : K01775 alanine racemase [EC:] | (GenBank) Alanine racemase
Motif idFromToDefinitionE valueScore
pf:HTH_Tnp_ISL3122Helix-turn-helix domain of transposase family ISL3 0.0015-
pf:HTH_26129Cro/C1-type HTH DNA-binding domain 0.23-
pf:HTH_Crp_2223Crp-like helix-turn-helix domain 0.08-
pf:MarR_2222MarR family 0.006-
pf:TetR_N220Bacterial regulatory proteins, tetR family 0.016-
pf:HTH_10223HTH DNA binding domain 0.087-
pf:LacI348Bacterial regulatory proteins, lacI family 8.9e-21-
pf:HTH_3339Helix-turn-helix 2.7e-06-
pf:HTH_38322Helix-turn-helix domain 0.00065-
pf:HTH_31339Helix-turn-helix domain 0.0011-
pf:HTH_23323Homeodomain-like domain 0.0034-
pf:HTH_7323Helix-turn-helix domain of resolvase 0.0061-
pf:HTH_24321Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding 0.04-
pf:HTH_AraC322Bacterial regulatory helix-turn-helix proteins, AraC family 0.017-
pf:HTH_19340Helix-turn-helix domain 0.02-
pf:HTH_IclR323IclR helix-turn-helix domain 0.014-
pf:HTH_28322Helix-turn-helix domain 0.084-
pf:HTH_5320Bacterial regulatory protein, arsR family 0.1-
pf:Sigma54_DBD329Sigma-54, DNA binding domain 0.12-
pf:MarR322MarR family 0.24-
pf:MerR318MerR family regulatory protein 0.24-
pf:HTH_AsnC-type320AsnC-type helix-turn-helix domain 0.28-
pf:YdaS_antitoxin540Putative antitoxin of bacterial toxin-antitoxin system, YdaS/YdaT 0.0064-
pf:CENP-B_N528CENP-B N-terminal DNA-binding domain 0.046-
pf:Peripla_BP_174312Periplasmic binding proteins and sugar binding domain of LacI family 6.1e-23-
pf:Peripla_BP_476312Periplasmic binding protein domain 9.7e-10-
pf:Peripla_BP_3173334Periplasmic binding protein-like domain 9.3e-32-

csc:Csac_1228 pf:HTH_Tnp_ISL3 pf:HTH_26 pf:HTH_Crp_2 pf:MarR_2 pf:TetR_N pf:HTH_10 pf:LacI pf:HTH_3 pf:HTH_38 pf:HTH_31 pf:HTH_23 pf:HTH_7 pf:HTH_24 pf:HTH_AraC pf:HTH_19 pf:HTH_IclR pf:HTH_28 pf:HTH_5 pf:Sigma54_DBD pf:MarR pf:MerR pf:HTH_AsnC-type pf:YdaS_antitoxin pf:CENP-B_N pf:Peripla_BP_1 pf:Peripla_BP_4 pf:Peripla_BP_3

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