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KEGG ID :cmi:CMM_1745 (208 a.a.)
Definition:superoxide dismutase [Mn/Fe] (YP_062104.1| superoxide dismutase [Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli str. CTCB07]; ZP_00198450.2| COG0605: Superoxide dismutase [Kineococcus radiotolerans SRS30216])., pfam00081,Sod_Fe_N, Iron/manganese superoxide dismutases, alpha-hairpin domain., pfam02777, Sod_Fe_C, Iron/manganese superoxide dismutases, C-terminal domain., InterPro: Manganese and iron superoxide dismutase (SODM); High confidence in function and specificity; K04564 superoxide dismutase, Fe-Mn family
Update status:T00529 (ais,ajn,aju,aoa,asol,baab,boe,cann,cdiv,cdk,cpic,eai,epz,fmr,hai,hda,hlc,ini,ipu,lang,lco,lje,lle,lpd,lvn,mche,nta,paby,psac,pxl,rbb,seon,sphn,var,xfr,xga : calculation not yet completed)
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