KEGG   DRUG: Japanese angelica root
D06768            Crude     Drug                                   
Japanese angelica root (JP18);
Powdered japanese angelica root (JP18);
Japanese angelica root (TN)
Ligustilide [CPD:C16987], Butylidene phthalide [CPD:C16924], Butylphthalide [CPD:C17854], Sedanonic acid lactone [CPD:C17875], Safrole [CPD:C10490], Isosafrole [CPD:C10472], Bergaptene [CPD:C01557], p-Cymene [CPD:C06575], Falcarinol [CPD:C08450], Falcarindiol [CPD:C08449], Scopoletin [CPD:C01752], Umbelliferone [CPD:C09315], Vanillic acid [CPD:C06672], Choline [CPD:C00114], Polysaccharide, beta-carboline derivative, Senkyunolide E, F, H, I, Angeloylsenkyunolide F, Isopimpinellin [CPD:C02162], Xanthotoxin [CPD:C01864], Carvacrol [CPD:C09840], o-Valerophenone carboxylic acid, Falcarinolone, Tokinolide A, B, Levistolide A, Ferulate [CPD:C01494], Caffeate [CPD:C01197], Sitosterol [CPD:C01753], Nicotinate [CPD:C00253], Vitamin B12 [CPD:C05776], Folinic acid [CPD:C03479], Biotin [CPD:C00120]
Angelica acutiloba [TAX:55605], Angelica gigas [TAX:85712], Angelica sinensis [TAX:165353]
Therapeutic category: 5100
Product: D06768<JP>
Analeptic, Analgesic, Blood replenishment, Sedative
Apiaceae (carrot family) Angelica root
Major component: Ligustilide [CPD:C16987]
Therapeutic category of drugs in Japan [BR:br08301]
 5  Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations
  51  Crude drugs
   510  Crude drugs
    5100  Crude drugs
     D06768  Japanese angelica root (JP18); Powdered japanese angelica root (JP18)
Classification of Japanese OTC drugs [BR:br08313]
 Agents for nervous and sensory systems
  04 Sedative hypnotic agents
   D06768  Japanese angelica root (JP18)
 Agents for circulatory system and blood
  24 Anemia drugs
   D06768  Japanese angelica root (JP18)
 Drugs for women
  49 Drugs for women's health
   D06768  Japanese angelica root (JP18)
 Agents for integumentary system
  57 Analgesic, antipruritic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory remedies (incl. gel patches)
   D06768  Japanese angelica root (JP18)
Risk category of Japanese OTC drugs [BR:br08312]
 Third-class OTC drugs
  Crude drugs
   Japanese angelica root
    D06768  Japanese angelica root (JP18)
Traditional Chinese Medicine in Japan [BR:br08304]
 Crude drugs
  Drugs for blood
   Drugs for replenishing blood
    D06768  Japanese angelica root; Powdered japanese angelica root; Japanese angelica root
  Drugs for external use
   Drugs for external use
    D06768  Japanese angelica root; Powdered japanese angelica root; Japanese angelica root
Crude drugs [BR:br08305]
 Dicot plants: asterids
  Apiaceae (carrot family)
   D06768  Japanese angelica root
Drugs listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia [BR:br08311]
 Crude drugs
  D06768  Japanese angelica root
  D06768  Powdered Japanese angelica root
Other DBs
PubChem: 47208419

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