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DBGET is an integrated database retrieval system for major biological databases at GenomeNet. It is also used in KEGG as the backbone retrieval system. DBGET is based on a flat-file view of molecular biology databases, where the database is considered as a collection of entries. Thus, any entry of any database can be retrieved by the combination of the database name and the entry name (see the history of development).
DBGET at GenomeNet

KEGG Databases in DBGET

Database name Abbre-
Content Remark
kegg pathway path KEGG pathway maps See KEGG PATHWAY
brite br Brite functional hierarchies See KEGG BRITE
module md KEGG modules See KEGG MODULE
orthology ko KO groups of functional orthologs See KEGG ORTHOLOGY
genomes genome gn KEGG organisms and selected viruses See KEGG GENOME
mgenome mgnm Metagenomes
genes Organisms org
Genes in KEGG organisms See KEGG GENES
Viruses vg Genes in viruses category
Addendum ag Genes in addendum category
mgenes Metagenomes   Gene catalogs in metagenomes
ligand compound cpd Chemical compounds See KEGG LIGAND
glycan gl Glycans
reaction rn Chemical Reactions
rclass rc Reaction class
enzyme ec Enzyme nomenclature
network ne Network elements See KEGG NETWORK
variant hsa_var Human gene variants
disease ds Human diseases See KEGG DISEASE
drug dr Drugs See KEGG DRUG
dgroup dg Drug groups
environ ev Health-related substances See KEGG ENVIRON
  expression ex Gene expression profiles Submitted by authors

Served by GenomeNet: mgenome, megenes, expression

Last updated: December 1, 2017
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