EC                Enzyme                                 

mannosyl-oligosaccharide 1,2-alpha-mannosidase;
mannosidase 1A;
mannosidase 1B;
mannose-9 processing alpha-mannosidase;
glycoprotein processing mannosidase I;
mannosidase I;
1,2-alpha-mannosyl-oligosaccharide alpha-D-mannohydrolase;
MAN1A1 (gene name);
MAN1A2 (gene name);
MAN1C1 (gene name);
2-alpha-mannosyl-oligosaccharide alpha-D-mannohydrolase
Glycosidases, i.e. enzymes that hydrolyse O- and S-glycosyl compounds
Man9GlcNAc2-[protein] alpha-2-mannohydrolase (configuration-inverting)
(1) Man9GlcNAc2-[protein] + 4 H2O = Man5GlcNAc2-[protein] + 4 beta-D-mannopyranose (overall reaction);
(1a) Man9GlcNAc2-[protein] + H2O = Man8GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 8A1,2,3B1,2) + beta-D-mannopyranose;
(1b) Man8GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 8A1,2,3B1,2) + H2O = Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B2) + beta-D-mannopyranose;
(1c) Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B2) + H2O = Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2B2) + beta-D-mannopyranose;
(1d) Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2B2) + H2O = Man5GlcNAc2-[protein] + beta-D-mannopyranose;
(2) Man8GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 8A1,2,3B1,3) + 3 H2O = Man5GlcNAc2-[protein] + 3 beta-D-mannopyranose (overall reaction);
(2a) Man8GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 8A1,2,3B1,3) + H2O = Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B1) + beta-D-mannopyranose;
(2b) Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B1) + H2O = Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2,3) + beta-D-mannopyranose;
(2c) Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2,3) + H2O = Man5GlcNAc2-[protein] + beta-D-mannopyranose
(other) R12479(G)
H2O [CPD:C00001];
Man8GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 8A1,2,3B1,2);
Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B2);
Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2B2);
Man8GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 8A1,2,3B1,3);
Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B1);
Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2,3)
Man8GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 8A1,2,3B1,2);
Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B2);
Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2B2);
Man7GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 7A1,2,3B1);
Man6GlcNAc2-[protein] (isomer 6A1,2,3)
This family of mammalian enzymes, located in the Golgi system, participates in the maturation process of N-glycans that leads to formation of hybrid and complex structures. The enzymes catalyse the hydrolysis of the four (1->2)-linked alpha-D-mannose residues from the Man9GlcNAc2 oligosaccharide attached to target proteins as described in reaction (1). Alternatively, the enzymes act on the Man8GlcNAc2 isomer formed by EC, endoplasmic reticulum Man9GlcNAc2 1,2-alpha-mannosidase, as described in reaction (2). The enzymes are type II membrane proteins, require Ca2+, and use an inverting mechanism. While all three human enzymes can catalyse the reactions listed here, some of the enzymes can additionally catalyse hydrolysis in an alternative order, generating additional isomeric intermediates, although the final product is the same. The names of the isomers listed here are based on a nomenclature system proposed by Prien et al [7].
EC created 1986, modified 2019
ec00510  N-Glycan biosynthesis
ec00513  Various types of N-glycan biosynthesis
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
K01230  mannosyl-oligosaccharide alpha-1,2-mannosidase
HSA: 10905(MAN1A2) 4121(MAN1A1) 57134(MAN1C1)
PTR: 457159(MAN1A2) 463148(MAN1A1) 736491(MAN1C1)
PPS: 100977047(MAN1A2) 100983605(MAN1A1) 100984948(MAN1C1)
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CAK: Caul_4035
CSE: Cseg_0791
SCT: SCAT_4875
SEN: SACE_6225
FLM: MY04_4850
 » show all
1  [PMID:500665]
Tabas I, Kornfeld S.
Purification and characterization of a rat liver Golgi alpha-mannosidase capable of processing asparagine-linked oligosaccharides.
J Biol Chem 254:11655-63 (1979)
2  [PMID:7061502]
Tulsiani DR, Hubbard SC, Robbins PW, Touster O.
alpha-D-Mannosidases of rat liver Golgi membranes. Mannosidase II is the GlcNAcMAN5-cleaving enzyme in glycoprotein biosynthesis and mannosidases Ia and IB are the enzymes converting Man9 precursors to Man5 intermediates.
J Biol Chem 257:3660-8 (1982)
3  [PMID:7588811]
Bieberich E, Bause E
Man9-mannosidase from human kidney is expressed in COS cells as a Golgi-resident  type II transmembrane N-glycoprotein.
Eur J Biochem 233:644-9 (1995)
4  [PMID:9592125]
Tremblay LO, Campbell Dyke N, Herscovics A
Molecular cloning, chromosomal mapping and tissue-specific expression of a novel  human alpha1,2-mannosidase gene involved in N-glycan maturation.
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5  [PMID:9719679]
Lal A, Pang P, Kalelkar S, Romero PA, Herscovics A, Moremen KW
Substrate specificities of recombinant murine Golgi alpha1, 2-mannosidases IA and IB and comparison with endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi processing alpha1,2-mannosidases.
Glycobiology 8:981-95 (1998)
6  [PMID:10915796]
Tremblay LO, Herscovics A
Characterization of a cDNA encoding a novel human Golgi alpha 1, 2-mannosidase (IC) involved in N-glycan biosynthesis.
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7  [PMID:19181540]
Prien JM, Ashline DJ, Lapadula AJ, Zhang H, Reinhold VN
The high mannose glycans from bovine ribonuclease B isomer characterization by ion trap MS.
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom 20:539-56 (2009)
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