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type II site-specific deoxyribonuclease;
type II restriction enzyme
Acting on ester bonds;
Endodeoxyribonucleases producing 5'-phosphomonoesters
BRITE hierarchy
Endonucleolytic cleavage of DNA to give specific double-stranded fragments with terminal 5'-phosphates
This is a large group of enzymes which, together with those now listed as EC (type 1 site-specific deoxyribonuclease) and EC
EC created 1984 from EC 3.1.23 and EC 3.1.24
K01155  type II restriction enzyme
K21512  terminase, large subunit
ECD: ECDH10B_1347(2)
ECE: Z1883
ECS: ECs1630
ECF: ECH74115_1620
ETW: ECSP_1536 ECSP_1681
ELX: CDCO157_1562 CDCO157_2020
EOJ: ECO26_0602 ECO26_1140 ECO26_1954 ECO26_2243 ECO26_2635
EOH: ECO103_0538
EOK: G2583_0692
ELR: ECO55CA74_03370
ECC: c3173
ECP: ECP_1167
ECK: EC55989_0790(A)
ECT: ECIAI39_1509(A)
EUM: ECUMN_1416(A)
EBD: ECBD_2873
ELW: ECW_m1703
ELL: WFL_08355
EBL: ECD_10036(A)
EBE: B21_00731(A)
ELF: LF82_161
ECOJ: P423_06270
ECOS: EC958_1365
SSN: SSON_2430
EAR: CCG30840
SPE: Spro_0571
HIN: HI0512(hindIIR) HI1040(ureF) HI1393(hindIIIR)
HIT: NTHI1786(haeIIR)
PAEM: U769_21795
PAEL: T223_06675
PKC: PKB_5029
PAR: Psyc_0143(dpnC)
MCT: MCR_0519
SPSW: Sps_05133
PAT: Patl_0726
GPS: C427_2420
AMED: B224_1725
ACAV: VI35_08990
NME: NMB0726 NMB1032(nlaIVR) NMB1289 NMB1896(dpnC)
NMA: NMA1499
NMC: NMC0680
NMN: NMCC_0324(drg)
RPI: Rpic_1724
RME: Rmet_6120(copL)
TAT: KUM_0834
RFR: Rfer_4209
PNA: Pnap_4564
AJS: Ajs_2679
DSU: Dsui_1063
TCL: Tchl_2834
HPD: KHP_0260
HPYR: K747_09995
HPYI: K750_02880
HAC: Hac_0188 Hac_0305 Hac_0519(mjaVIP)
HCE: HCW_04935
HCP: HCN_0370
ARC: ABLL_1425
SDL: Sdel_1531
GEO: Geob_2517
DOL: Dole_3089
SFU: Sfum_2533
XAU: Xaut_4599
MCH: Mchl_1009
MPO: Mpop_2541
CAK: Caul_2312
SAL: Sala_2432
GOH: B932_3248
GXY: GLX_30330
GXL: H845_3472
SEPS: DP17_55
PSAB: PSAB_12850
SPN: SP_1221 SP_1222 SP_1850(dpnC)
SPR: spr1101(spnII-interrupted-C) spr1102(spnII-interrupted-N) spr1665(dpnC)
SPW: SPCG_1824(dpnC)
SPX: SPG_1733(dpnB)
SPV: SPH_1964
SJJ: SPJ_1755
SPP: SPP_1848
SNT: SPT_1767
SNP: SPAP_1844
SND: MYY_1745
SNU: SPNA45_00401(dpnC)
SPNN: T308_08385
SMU: SMU_506
SSA: SSA_1716
SDS: SDEG_0953
SDA: GGS_0921
SMB: smi_0526
CSR: Cspa_c40500(dpnB)
AOE: Clos_1062
CTH: Cthe_1512
ESU: EUS_22060
ROB: CK5_08200
ERT: EUR_02470
THX: Thet_0507
TIT: Thit_0486
TKI: TKV_c04880(mjaIIIR)
CHY: CHY_2211
MED: MELS_0976
MMY: MSC_0185 MSC_0215(sau96I-like)
MMO: MMOB3440(dpnII)
MAL: MAGa2710
MCD: MCRO_0752
MFR: MFE_01240(dpnII)
MFM: MfeM64YM_0146(dpnII)
MFP: MBIO_0191
MSS: MSU_0849(dpnII)
PAL: PA0777(rsrIR)
NZS: SLY_1011
ACL: ACL_1082(dpnII)
APAL: BN85400320(dpnII)
PMM: PMM0384(spnII-interrupted-C)
MAR: MAE_08660
TER: Tery_4526
ANA: all3631(avaIR)
ATM: ANT_07640
DGE: Dgeo_2577
BRM: Bmur_0842
SUS: Acid_1688
TLI: Tlie_0307
BFR: BF2023
BVU: BVU_3992
PGN: PGN_1425
PDI: BDI_3253
FJO: Fjoh_3075
FPS: FP2273(hpaIIR)
ZPR: ZPR_4244
RAT: M949_0441
CCH: Cag_0333
IAL: IALB_2630
HTH: HTH_0222
FNO: Fnod_0526
MJA: MJ_0600
MST: Msp_0144
MEB: Abm4_1017
METH: MBMB1_0501
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1  [PMID:2159140]
Roberts RJ.
Restriction enzymes and their isoschizomers.
Nucleic Acids Res 18 Suppl:2331-65 (1990)
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