C18183                      Compound                               
Luteinizing hormone;
Interstitial cell stimulating hormone;
(A chain) Ala Pro Asp Val Gln Asp Cys Pro Glu Cys Thr Leu Gln Glu
Asn Pro Phe Phe Ser Gln Pro Gly Ala Pro Ile Leu Gln Cys Met Gly
Cys Cys Phe Ser Arg Ala Tyr Pro Thr Pro Leu Arg Ser Lys Lys Thr
Met Leu Val Gln Lys Asn Val Thr Ser Glu Ser Thr Cys Cys Val Ala
Lys Ser Tyr Asn Arg Val Thr Val Met Gly Gly Phe Lys Val Glu Asn
His Thr Ala Cys His Cys Ser Thr Cys Tyr Tyr His Lys Ser
(B chain) Ser Arg Glu Pro Leu Arg Pro Trp Cys His Pro Ile Asn Ala
Ile Leu Ala Val Glu Lys Glu Gly Cys Pro Val Cys Ile Thr Val Asn
Thr Thr Ile Cys Ala Gly Tyr Cys Pro Thr Met Met Arg Val Leu Gln
Ala Val Leu Pro Pro Leu Pro Gln Val Val Cys Thr Tyr Arg Asp Val
Arg Phe Glu Ser Ile Arg Leu Pro Gly Cys Pro Arg Gly Val Asp Pro
Val Val Ser Phe Pro Val Ala Leu Ser Cys Arg Cys Gly Pro Cys Arg
Arg Ser Thr Ser Asp Cys Gly Gly Pro Lys Asp His Pro Leu Thr Cys
Asp His Pro Gln Leu Ser Gly Leu Leu Phe Leu
Homo sapiens [HSA:1081 3972]
Compounds with biological roles [BR:br08001]
 Hormones and transmitters
  Peptide hormones
   Luteinizing hormone
    C18183  Luteinizing hormone
Bioactive peptides [BR:br08005]
 Pituitary hormones
  Anterior pituitary hormone
   C18183  Luteinizing hormone
Other DBs
CAS: 9002-67-9
PubChem: 96024399
ChEBI: 81568

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