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KEGG MEDICUS is an integrated information resource of diseases, drugs, and health-related substances, aiming to bring the genomic revolution to society (see background information). Specifically, package insert information for all drugs marketed in Japan and the USA is integrated with KEGG DRUG and KEGG DISEASE.

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Drug interaction Checker

The English version of KEGG MEDICUS currently integrates the KEGG DRUG and KEGG DISEASE databases, human pathways and drug development pathways in the KEGG PATHWAY database, and FDA drug labels (package inserts) for both prescription and OTC drugs in the USA. Note that the Japanese version of KEGG MEDICUS also includes package inserts of all drugs marketed in Japan.

Drug Interaction Checker

Given a list of drugs the Drug Interaction Checker reports any drug-drug interactions associated with contraindications (CI) and precautions (P). The Japanese version applies to drug products in Japan, and the English version applies to drug products in the USA.
Drug Interaction Checker (for drug products in the USA)
Drug Interaction Checker (for drug products in Japan)

Drug Product Classification

Drug products in the USA (and those in Japan in the Japanese version) can be viewed and searched as part of the KEGG BRITE database (see details in Drug classification).
ATC Classification + NDC


KEGG MEDICUS API, an addendum to KEGG API, allows handling of drug products using the YJ code in Japan, the NDC (National Drug code) in the USA, WHO's ATC classification, and the Japanese therapeutic category. It also includes the capability of drug-drug interaction search.

Last updated: December 1, 2013
KEGG MEDICUS is developed by Kanehisa Laboratories