EC                 Enzyme                                 

cysteine-S-conjugate beta-lyase;
cysteine conjugate beta-lyase;
glutamine transaminase K/cysteine conjugate beta-lyase;
L-cysteine-S-conjugate thiol-lyase (deaminating);
cystathionine beta-lyase;
cystine lyase;
cystathionine L-homocysteine-lyase (deaminating);
L-cystathionine L-homocysteine-lyase (deaminating);
S-alkylcysteine lyase;
alkylcysteine lyase;
S-alkyl-L-cysteine lyase;
alkyl cysteine lyase;
S-alkyl-L-cysteine alkylthiol-lyase (deaminating)
Carbon-sulfur lyases;
Carbon-sulfur lyases (only sub-subclass identified to date)
L-cysteine-S-conjugate thiol-lyase (deaminating; 2-aminoprop-2-enoate-forming)
an L-cysteine-S-conjugate + H2O = a thiol + NH3 + pyruvate (overall reaction) [RN:R12188];
(1a) an L-cysteine-S-conjugate = a thiol + 2-aminoprop-2-enoate;
(1b) 2-aminoprop-2-enoate = 2-iminopropanoate (spontaneous);
(1c) 2-iminopropanoate + H2O = pyruvate + NH3 (spontaneous)
L-cysteine-S-conjugate [CPD:C02882];
H2O [CPD:C00001];
2-aminoprop-2-enoate [CPD:C02218];
2-iminopropanoate [CPD:C20904]
thiol [CPD:C00145];
NH3 [CPD:C00014];
pyruvate [CPD:C00022];
2-aminoprop-2-enoate [CPD:C02218];
2-iminopropanoate [CPD:C20904]
A pyridoxal-phosphate protein. The enzyme is promiscuous regarding the moiety conjugated to L-cysteine, and can accept both aliphatic and aromatic substitutions. The enzyme cleaves a carbon-sulfur bond, releasing a thiol and an unstable enamine product that tautomerizes to an imine form, which undergoes a hydrolytic deamination to form pyruvate and ammonia. While bacteria and plants have dedicated enzymes, all of the animal enzymes discovered thus far are bifunctional, most of which also act as aminotransferases.
EC created 1981, modified 2018 (EC created 1965, deleted 1972, reinstated 1976, incorporated 2018) (EC created 1972, incorporated 2018)
ec00270  Cysteine and methionine metabolism
ec00450  Selenocompound metabolism
ec01100  Metabolic pathways
ec01110  Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
K00816  kynurenine---oxoglutarate transaminase / cysteine-S-conjugate beta-lyase / glutamine---phenylpyruvate transaminase
K01760  cysteine-S-conjugate beta-lyase
K14155  cysteine-S-conjugate beta-lyase
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