KEGG   DISEASE: Cytomegalovirus infection
H00368                      Disease                                

Cytomegalovirus infection;
CMV infection
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a double-stranded DNA virus of the Herpesviridae family acquired by late childhood in the majority of individuals. Primary infection is nonspecific but after that the virus becomes latent in multiple organs and can later be reactivated. CMV is an important and common cause of mortality and morbidity in immunocompromised patients such as those with HIV/AIDS or transplant recipients on immunosuppressive therapy.
Infectious disease
Infectious diseases [BR:br08401]
 Viral infections
  Infections caused by dsDNA viruses
   H00368  Cytomegalovirus infection
Human diseases in ICD-11 classification [BR:br08403]
 01 Certain infectious or parasitic diseases
  Certain other viral diseases
   1D82  Cytomegaloviral disease
    H00368  Cytomegalovirus infection
hsa05163  Human cytomegalovirus infection
nt06110  MAPK signaling (viruses and bacteria)
nt06114  PI3K signaling (viruses)
nt06119  JAK-STAT signaling (viruses)
nt06123  TNF signaling (viruses and bacteria)
nt06124  Chemokine signaling (viruses)
nt06129  MHC presentation (viruses)
nt06130  Cell cycle (viruses)
nt06131  Apoptosis (viruses and bacteria)
nt06134  CGAS-STING signaling (viruses and bacteria)
nt06135  Cytoskeletal regulation (viruses and bacteria)
nt06150  Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction (viruses)
nt06167  Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV)
N00385  HCMV gB to PDGFR-PI3K signaling pathway
N00386  HCMV gB to PDGFR-RAS-ERK signaling pathway
N00387  HCMV IE1-72/IE2-86 to PI3K signaling pathway
N00388  HCMV UL38 to MTOR signaling pathway
N00389  HCMV IE1-72 to transcription
N00391  HCMV gB to EGFR-PI3K-NFKB signaling pathway
N00392  HCMV gB to EGFR-RAS-ERK signaling pathway
N00394  HCMV gH to ITGA/B-RhoA signaling pathway
N00396  HCMV UL82 to cGAS-STING signaling pathway
N00397  HCMV UL26 to NFKB signaling pathway
N00398  HCMV IE2-86 to TNF-NFKB signaling pathway
N00400  HCMV US28 to GNB/G-PI3K-NFKB signaling pathway
N00402  HCMV US28 to GNAQ-PLCB/G-calcineurin signaling pathway
N00404  HCMV US28 to GNAI-AC-PKA signaling pathway
N00406  HCMV US28 to GNA12/13-Rho signaling pathway
N00407  HCMV UL33 to GNAQ-PLCB/G-calcineurin signaling pathway
N00409  HCMV UL33 to GNB/G-Rho signaling pathway
N00411  HCMV UL33 to GNAS-AC-PKA signaling pathway
N00412  HCMV UL33 to GNAI-AC-PKA signaling pathway
N00414  HCMV US27 to CXCR4-GNB/G-PLCB-PKC signaling pathway
N00416  HCMV vIL10 to IL10-JAK-STAT signaling pathway
N00417  HCMV US6 to antigen processing and presentation by MHC class I molecules
N00418  HCMV US2/11 to antigen processing and presentation by MHC class I molecules
N00419  HCMV US3/10 to antigen processing and presentation by MHC class I molecules
N00420  HCMV IE2-86 to p21-cell cycle G1/S
N00421  HCMV IE2-86 to p21-cell cycle G1/S
N00422  HCMV IE2-86 to cell cycle G1/S
N00423  HCMV IE1-72 to cell cycle G1/S
N00424  HCMV pp71 to cell cycle G1/S
N00425  HCMV UL36 to crosstalk between extrinsic and intrinsic apoptotic pathways
N00426  HCMV UL37x1 to crosstalk between extrinsic and intrinsic apoptotic pathways
N00427  HCMV vCXCL to CXCR-GNB/G-PI3K-AKT signaling pathway
N00429  HCMV UL22A to CCR5-GNB/G-PLCB/G-PKC signaling pathway
N01168  CCL3/7 to HCMV US28 signaling
N01175  CCL2 to HCMV US28 signaling
N01183  CCL5/11/13/26/28 to HCMV US28 signaling
N01212  CCL4 to HCMV US28 signaling
N01237  HCMV vCXCL1 to CXCR1 signaling
N01262  CX3CL1 to HCMV US28 signaling
N01264  HCMV vCXCL1 to CX3CR1 signaling
N01279  HCMV UL141 to DR5 signaling
Human herpesvirus 5 (Human cytomegalovirus) [GN:T40080]
Ganciclovir [DR:D00333]
Ganciclovir sodium [DR:D04301]
Cidofovir [DR:D00273]
Valganciclovir hydrochloride [DR:D03256]
Foscarnet sodium [DR:D00579]
Letermovir [DR:D10801]
Other DBs
ICD-11: 1D82
ICD-10: B20.2 B25 B27.1 P35.1
MeSH: D003586
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