Animal Drugs in Japan

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 91  Agents affecting nervous system
 92  Agents affecting circulatory organs, respiratory organs and urinary organs
 93  Agents affecting digestive organs
 94  Agents for breeding
 95  Agents for external use
 96  Agents affecting metabolism
   961  Hormone preparations (except agents for breeding and external use)
   962  Vitamin preparations
   963  Mineral and preparations
   964  Saccharide preparations and blood substitutes
   965  Hemostatics
   966  Anticoagulants
   967  Agents for liver disease and antidotes
   968  Antiallergic agents (including nonspecific antigen preparations)
   969  Other agents affecting metabolism
     9691  Combined preparations for metabolic disease
     9692  Photosensitizing dyes and preparations
     9693  Chlorophyll preparations
     9694  Organotherapeutics
     9695  Blood preparations
     9696  Organic acid and preparations
     9697  Lactgoques
     9699  Agents affecting metabolism, n.e.c.
       C02545  Glycosaminoglycan
       D03354  Sodium hyaluronate
       D03867  Dirlotapide
       D05428  Pentosan polysulfate sodium
       D10530  Sodium selenite
 97  Agents against pathogenic micro-organisms and parasites (except biological products and disinfectants)
 98  Biological preparations
 99  Agents for not mainly purpose of therapeutic
   991  Feed additive use preparations (except antibiotic, sulfonamide derivatives and preparations)
     9911  Vitamin preparations
     9912  Minerals and preparations
       C13563  Sodium chloride
       C17383  Cobaltous sulfate
       D01081  Zinc sulfate
       D03613  Cupric sulfate
       D04168  Hydrated ferric oxide
       D10530  Sodium selenite
       Calcium iodate
       Manganous carbonate
     9913  Amino acids and preparations
     9914  Enzyme and preparations
     9915  Mixed vitamin, minerals and amino acids preparations
     9919  Other feed additive use preparations
   992  Amphoteric soap and preparations
   993  Insecticides and insect-repellents
   994  Rodentickides
   995  Diagnostic reagents
   996  Antineoplastics
   999  Other agents for not mainly purpose of therapeutic

Last updated: February 23, 2015
Classification code 87 in the Japan Standard Commodity Classification

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