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Genome information

T numberT04864
Org codepmaj
Full nameParus major (Great Tit)
DefinitionParus major (Great Tit)
TaxonomyTAX: 9157
    LineageEukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Archelosauria; Archosauria; Dinosauria; Saurischia; Theropoda; Coelurosauria; Aves; Neognathae; Passeriformes; Paridae; Parus
Data sourceRefSeq (Assembly: GCF_001522545.3)
BioProject: 312399
StatisticsNumber of protein genes: 15253
Number of RNA genes: 24
ReferencePMID: 26805030
    AuthorsLaine VN, Gossmann TI, Schachtschneider KM, Garroway CJ, Madsen O, Verhoeven KJ, de Jager V, Megens HJ, Warren WC, Minx P, et al.
    TitleEvolutionary signals of selection on cognition from the great tit genome and methylome.
    JournalNat Commun 7:10474 (2016)
DOI: 10.1038/ncomms10474
ReferencePMID: 25600732
    AuthorsMeng XY, Li DH, Ti RJ, Song S
    TitleThe complete mitochondrial genome of Great tit Parus major (Aves, Passeriformes, Paridae).
    JournalMitochondrial DNA A DNA Mapp Seq Anal 27:2300-1 (2016)
DOI: 10.3109/19401736.2014.1003835