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Genome information

T numberT04160
Org codeseqo
Full nameStaphylococcus equorum
DefinitionStaphylococcus equorum KS1039
TaxonomyTAX: 246432
    LineageBacteria; Firmicutes; Bacilli; Bacillales; Staphylococcaceae; Staphylococcus
Data sourceGenBank (Assembly: GCA_001432245.1)
BioProject: 299343
CommentIsolated from a form of traditional Korean high-salt-fermented seafood called Saeu-jeotgal.
    SequenceGB: CP013114
StatisticsNumber of nucleotides: 2822193
Number of protein genes: 2681
Number of RNA genes: 83
ReferencePMID: 26718562
    AuthorsJeong DW, Na H, Ryu S, Lee JH
    TitleComplete genome sequence of Staphylococcus equorum KS1039 isolated from Saeu-jeotgal, Korean high-salt-fermented seafood.
    JournalJ Biotechnol 219:88-9 (2016)
DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2015.12.025