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Genome information

T numberT06566
NameTrichosporon asahii var. asahii CBS 2479
TaxonomyTAX: 1186058
    LineageEukaryota; Fungi; Dikarya; Basidiomycota; Agaricomycotina; Tremellomycetes; Trichosporonales; Trichosporonaceae; Trichosporon
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KEGG organisms: fungi [BR:br08614]
Data sourceRefSeq (Assembly: GCF_000293215.1)
BioProject: 296794
KeywordsHuman pathogen
DiseaseH02428 Trichosporonosis
CommentOpportunistic pathogenic fungus.
First isolated from a lesion in a patient with progressive psoriasis in 1997.
StatisticsNumber of protein genes: 8300
ReferencePMID: 23104369
    AuthorsYang RY, Li HT, Zhu H, Zhou GP, Wang M, Wang L
    TitleDraft genome sequence of CBS 2479, the standard type strain of Trichosporon asahii.
    JournalEukaryot Cell 11:1415-6 (2012)
DOI: 10.1128/EC.00237-12