KEGG Web Applications

KEGG web applications are a collection of Javascript-based applications for viewing and analyzing various types of KEGG data with many operations performed on the client side. Currenty they include Pathway viewer for KEGG pathway maps, Brite viewer for Brite hierarchies and Genome browser for genome maps.

Pathway viewer

URL form<mapid>  (basic form)<mapid>                (weblinks form)

<mapid> = KEGG pathway map identifier (map number)
KEGG pathway map viewer (or Pathway viewer) released in July 2020 [1] is not simply a viewer, but it contains features of client side operations. All types of KEGG pathway map coloring are now performed on the client side, including the generation of organism-specific pathways except for global maps that are still processed on the server-side, marking of search results and coloring of map objects based on users' data.
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Brite viewer

URL form<brid>  (basic form)<brid>                (weblinks form)

<brid> = KEGG brite hierarchy identifier (br number)
Brite hierarchy viewer (or Brite viewer) released in January 2021 [2] is a web application similar to Pathway viewer, performing Brite mapping on the client side, including taxonomy mapping.
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Genome browser

URL form<gnid>  (basic form)<gnid>                (weblinks form)

<gnid> = KEGG genome identifier (T number or KEGG organism code or VTAX identifier)
KEGG Genome browser released in January 2022 [3] is another web application, which integrates server side features of synteny analysis for finding conserved gene orders in multiple genomes.
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Last updated: November 1, 2023