K13402                      KO                                     

monofunctional C1-tetrahydrofolate synthase, mitochondrial [EC:]
map00670  One carbon pool by folate
map01100  Metabolic pathways
map01240  Biosynthesis of cofactors
M00141  C1-unit interconversion, eukaryotes
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09100 Metabolism
  09108 Metabolism of cofactors and vitamins
   00670 One carbon pool by folate
    K13402  MTHFD1L; monofunctional C1-tetrahydrofolate synthase, mitochondrial
Enzymes [BR:ko01000]
 6. Ligases
  6.3  Forming carbon-nitrogen bonds
   6.3.4  Other carbon-nitrogen ligases  formate---tetrahydrofolate ligase
     K13402  MTHFD1L; monofunctional C1-tetrahydrofolate synthase, mitochondrial
Other DBs
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Prasannan P, Pike S, Peng K, Shane B, Appling DR
Human mitochondrial C1-tetrahydrofolate synthase: gene structure, tissue distribution of the mRNA, and immunolocalization in Chinese hamster ovary calls.
J Biol Chem 278:43178-87 (2003)

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