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Olfactory transduction - Miniopterus natalensis
Within the compact cilia of the olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs) a cascade of enzymatic activity transduces the binding of an odorant molecule to a receptor into an electrical signal that can be transmitted to the brain. Odorant molecules bind to a receptor protein (R) coupled to an olfactory specific Gs-protein (G) and activate a type III adenylyl cyclase (AC), increasing intracellular cAMP levels. cAMP targets an olfactory-specific cyclic-nucleotide gated ion channel (CNG), allowing cations, particularly Na and Ca, to flow down their electrochemical gradients into the cell, depolarizing the ORN. Furthermore, the Ca entering the cell is able to activate a Ca-activated Cl channel, which would allow Cl to flow out of the cell, thus further increasing the depolarization. Elevated intracellular Ca causes adaptation by at least two different molecular steps: inhibition of the activity of adenylyl cyclase via CAMKII-dependent phosphorylation and down-regulation of the affinity of the CNG channel to cAMP.
Organismal Systems; Sensory system
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mna04740  Olfactory transduction

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GO: 0007608
Miniopterus natalensis [GN:mna]
107533318  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107533319  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107535555  olfactory receptor 50-like [KO:K04257]
107535556  olfactory receptor 1J1-like [KO:K04257]
107542814  putative olfactory receptor 2W6 [KO:K04257]
107535557  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107535559  olfactory receptor 1N2-like [KO:K04257]
107535560  olfactory receptor 1361-like [KO:K04257]
107535561  olfactory receptor 1L4-like [KO:K04257]
107535562  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107535563  olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107535564  olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107535588  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107535589  olfactory receptor 1J2 [KO:K04257]
107535591  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107535592  olfactory receptor 1Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107535603  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1L4-like [KO:K04257]
107535605  olfactory receptor 1L3-like [KO:K04257]
107527673  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107527674  olfactory receptor 1019 [KO:K04257]
107527675  olfactory receptor 5AP2 [KO:K04257]
107527676  olfactory receptor 1030-like [KO:K04257]
107527678  olfactory receptor 1038 [KO:K04257]
107527679  olfactory receptor 1044 [KO:K04257]
107527680  olfactory receptor 8K3 [KO:K04257]
107545210  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: putative gustatory receptor clone PTE01 [KO:K04257]
107545211  putative gustatory receptor clone PTE01 [KO:K04257]
107545213  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107545214  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107545215  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107545240  olfactory receptor 11A1-like [KO:K04257]
107546471  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107538171  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538172  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538173  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538175  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538176  olfactory receptor 6C68-like [KO:K04257]
107538177  olfactory receptor 6C2 [KO:K04257]
107538178  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C76-like [KO:K04257]
107538180  olfactory receptor 6C6-like [KO:K04257]
107538182  olfactory receptor 6C6-like [KO:K04257]
107538184  olfactory receptor 10A7 [KO:K04257]
107538185  olfactory receptor 6C74 [KO:K04257]
107538186  olfactory receptor 6C75 [KO:K04257]
107538187  olfactory receptor 6C4 [KO:K04257]
107538188  olfactory receptor 6C3 [KO:K04257]
107538189  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538190  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538191  olfactory receptor 6C1 [KO:K04257]
107538192  olfactory receptor 6C70 [KO:K04257]
107538193  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538194  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538195  olfactory receptor 6C75-like [KO:K04257]
107538196  olfactory receptor 6C65-like [KO:K04257]
107538197  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538198  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107538200  olfactory receptor 6C74-like [KO:K04257]
107538201  olfactory receptor 6C4-like [KO:K04257]
107538204  olfactory receptor 9K2 [KO:K04257]
107541517  olfactory receptor 7A10-like [KO:K04257]
107541518  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107527594  olfactory receptor 1440-like [KO:K04257]
107545466  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107545467  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107545468  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107545469  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107545470  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107529880  olfactory receptor 2B11 [KO:K04257]
107535652  olfactory receptor 1D2-like [KO:K04257]
107540214  olfactory receptor 3A3-like [KO:K04257]
107523789  olfactory receptor 2A14-like [KO:K04257]
107523790  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107523793  olfactory receptor 2F1-like [KO:K04257]
107523794  olfactory receptor 10AC1-like [KO:K04257]
107523795  olfactory receptor 2F1-like [KO:K04257]
107523813  olfactory receptor 9A4-like [KO:K04257]
107523814  olfactory receptor 2A2-like [KO:K04257]
107523815  olfactory receptor 13-like [KO:K04257]
107523823  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF3 [KO:K04257]
107523824  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF3 [KO:K04257]
107523825  olfactory receptor 6B1 [KO:K04257]
107523826  olfactory receptor 2A5 [KO:K04257]
107523827  olfactory receptor 13-like [KO:K04257]
107546588  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: putative olfactory receptor 13C6 [KO:K04257]
107546591  olfactory receptor 13C8 [KO:K04257]
107538206  olfactory receptor 10P1 [KO:K04257]
107538207  olfactory receptor 9-like [KO:K04257]
107540466  olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107540467  olfactory receptor 52E4-like [KO:K04257]
107540470  olfactory receptor 56A3-like [KO:K04257]
107540472  olfactory receptor 56A1-like [KO:K04257]
107540473  olfactory receptor 56A1-like [KO:K04257]
107540474  olfactory receptor 52L1-like [KO:K04257]
107540475  olfactory receptor 56B4-like [KO:K04257]
107540485  olfactory receptor 56A4-like [KO:K04257]
107540486  olfactory receptor 52E8 [KO:K04257]
107540487  olfactory receptor 56A1 [KO:K04257]
107541571  olfactory receptor 10J1-like [KO:K04257]
107541572  olfactory receptor 6K6 [KO:K04257]
107541573  olfactory receptor 10Z1 [KO:K04257]
107542711  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107542713  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107535548  olfactory receptor 1L8-like [KO:K04257]
107535549  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107535550  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107535551  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107535552  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107535553  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107537820  olfactory receptor 1044-like [KO:K04257]
107537821  olfactory receptor 502-like [KO:K04257]
107537822  olfactory receptor 491-like [KO:K04257]
107537823  olfactory receptor 10T2-like [KO:K04257]
107537824  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 481-like [KO:K04257]
107537827  olfactory receptor 2D3 [KO:K04257]
107537828  olfactory receptor 2D2 [KO:K04257]
107537829  olfactory receptor 6-like [KO:K04257]
107537830  olfactory receptor 2AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107537832  olfactory receptor 10A2 [KO:K04257]
107537833  olfactory receptor 10A4 [KO:K04257]
107537836  olfactory receptor 226 [KO:K04257]
107537837  olfactory receptor 2AG1 [KO:K04257]
107537838  olfactory receptor 10A3 [KO:K04257]
107537840  olfactory receptor 5P3 [KO:K04257]
107537841  olfactory receptor 2D3-like [KO:K04257]
107537842  olfactory receptor 502-like [KO:K04257]
107527599  olfactory receptor 5B12-like [KO:K04257]
107527601  olfactory receptor 5B3-like [KO:K04257]
107527602  olfactory receptor 5B2-like [KO:K04257]
107527603  olfactory receptor 5B2-like [KO:K04257]
107527604  olfactory receptor 5B17-like [KO:K04257]
107527606  olfactory receptor 5B12-like [KO:K04257]
107527607  olfactory receptor 10W1-like [KO:K04257]
107527608  olfactory receptor 8U9-like [KO:K04257]
107527609  olfactory receptor 1020-like [KO:K04257]
107527613  olfactory receptor 5AK2-like [KO:K04257]
107527614  olfactory receptor 5AK2 [KO:K04257]
107527616  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107527617  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107527618  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107527619  olfactory receptor 1002-like [KO:K04257]
107527620  olfactory receptor 1009-like [KO:K04257]
107527622  olfactory receptor 9G4 [KO:K04257]
107527623  putative olfactory receptor 2B8 [KO:K04257]
107527624  olfactory receptor 1020-like [KO:K04257]
107527626  olfactory receptor 5M10-like [KO:K04257]
107527627  olfactory receptor 1030 [KO:K04257]
107527629  olfactory receptor 1030-like [KO:K04257]
107527630  olfactory receptor 5M9 [KO:K04257]
107527631  olfactory receptor 8J1-like [KO:K04257]
107527632  olfactory receptor 8K1 [KO:K04257]
107527633  olfactory receptor 8K5-like [KO:K04257]
107527634  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107527635  olfactory receptor 5T1-like [KO:K04257]
107527636  olfactory receptor 5T2-like [KO:K04257]
107527637  olfactory receptor 8H1-like [KO:K04257]
107527638  olfactory receptor 8H1-like [KO:K04257]
107527654  olfactory receptor 4D6-like [KO:K04257]
107527659  olfactory receptor 5B12-like [KO:K04257]
107527660  olfactory receptor 9Q2-like [KO:K04257]
107527661  olfactory receptor 9Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107527662  olfactory receptor 6Q1 [KO:K04257]
107527663  olfactory receptor 9I1 [KO:K04257]
107528801  olfactory receptor 8H1-like [KO:K04257]
107528807  olfactory receptor 8H1-like [KO:K04257]
107545553  olfactory receptor 10V1-like [KO:K04257]
107542366  olfactory receptor 7A10-like [KO:K04257]
107531088  olfactory receptor 9A4 [KO:K04257]
107545177  olfactory receptor 10J1-like [KO:K04257]
107545178  olfactory receptor 10J3 [KO:K04257]
107546592  olfactory receptor 13C3-like [KO:K04257]
107546601  olfactory receptor 13C9 [KO:K04257]
107546602  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 13C4-like [KO:K04257]
107539382  olfactory receptor 5-like [KO:K04257]
107539430  olfactory receptor 149-like [KO:K04257]
107540488  olfactory receptor 56A4 [KO:K04257]
107540489  olfactory receptor 56A3 [KO:K04257]
107540491  olfactory receptor 52W1 [KO:K04257]
107540493  olfactory receptor 52E5 [KO:K04257]
107540494  olfactory receptor 52N2 [KO:K04257]
107540495  olfactory receptor 52H1-like [KO:K04257]
107540496  olfactory receptor 52B2 [KO:K04257]
107540498  olfactory receptor 52H1-like [KO:K04257]
107540500  olfactory receptor 56B4-like [KO:K04257]
107540501  olfactory receptor 52N4-like [KO:K04257]
107524478  olfactory receptor 2AT4-like [KO:K04257]
107524492  olfactory receptor 2AT4 [KO:K04257]
107525685  olfactory receptor 7D2 [KO:K04257]
107525686  olfactory receptor 7D4-like isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107525687  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107526850  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107544166  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107544167  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107544168  olfactory receptor 52K1-like [KO:K04257]
107544170  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107543045  olfactory receptor 5AC1-like [KO:K04257]
107543046  olfactory receptor 5K1 [KO:K04257]
107543047  olfactory receptor 5AC2 [KO:K04257]
107543052  olfactory receptor 5H1-like [KO:K04257]
107543053  olfactory receptor 5H1-like [KO:K04257]
107543054  olfactory receptor Olfr180-like [KO:K04257]
107546240  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107546241  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107531798  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107535249  olfactory receptor 2W3-like [KO:K04257]
107538670  olfactory receptor 52E2 isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107538671  olfactory receptor 52E2-like isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107538672  olfactory receptor 51B5 [KO:K04257]
107538673  olfactory receptor 51E1 [KO:K04257]
107538674  olfactory receptor 52E2-like [KO:K04257]
107538675  olfactory receptor 51B6 [KO:K04257]
107538676  olfactory receptor 51I2 [KO:K04257]
107538677  olfactory receptor 52K1 [KO:K04257]
107538678  olfactory receptor 52D1 [KO:K04257]
107538679  olfactory receptor 51I1 [KO:K04257]
107538680  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107538681  olfactory receptor 51A4 [KO:K04257]
107538682  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107538683  olfactory receptor 51F1-like [KO:K04257]
107538684  olfactory receptor 51D1 [KO:K04257]
107538685  olfactory receptor 51E2 [KO:K04257]
107538686  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107538688  olfactory receptor 51F1-like [KO:K04257]
107538689  olfactory receptor 52A1 [KO:K04257]
107538690  olfactory receptor 51S1 [KO:K04257]
107538692  olfactory receptor 51L1-like [KO:K04257]
107538693  olfactory receptor 52I2-like [KO:K04257]
107538695  olfactory receptor 51A7-like [KO:K04257]
107538696  olfactory receptor 52M1 [KO:K04257]
107538697  olfactory receptor 52A5-like [KO:K04257]
107538698  olfactory receptor 52A5-like [KO:K04257]
107538699  olfactory receptor 51T1 [KO:K04257]
107538700  olfactory receptor 52K1-like [KO:K04257]
107530254  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107530255  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107530256  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107530257  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5I1-like [KO:K04257]
107530258  olfactory receptor 1019-like [KO:K04257]
107530259  olfactory receptor 1019-like [KO:K04257]
107530261  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107530263  olfactory receptor 5D14 [KO:K04257]
107530264  olfactory receptor 5D13-like [KO:K04257]
107538701  olfactory receptor 51Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107538702  olfactory receptor 51Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107538703  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107538704  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107538705  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107538706  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107525724  olfactory receptor 7G1-like [KO:K04257]
107525725  olfactory receptor 7G2-like [KO:K04257]
107525727  olfactory receptor 7G3-like [KO:K04257]
107544822  olfactory receptor 1A1-like [KO:K04257]
107544892  olfactory receptor 13C7-like [KO:K04257]
107544894  olfactory receptor 13C7-like [KO:K04257]
107544895  olfactory receptor 13C7 [KO:K04257]
107533213  olfactory receptor 7A10-like [KO:K04257]
107533214  putative olfactory receptor 7A2 [KO:K04257]
107533231  putative gustatory receptor clone PTE01 [KO:K04257]
107534282  olfactory receptor 2Z1 [KO:K04257]
107525754  olfactory receptor 24 [KO:K04257]
107525755  olfactory receptor 7G3-like [KO:K04257]
107525757  olfactory receptor 7A5-like [KO:K04257]
107525774  olfactory receptor 13H1-like [KO:K04257]
107528098  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 10AD1 [KO:K04257]
107528101  olfactory receptor 8S1-like [KO:K04257]
107528102  olfactory receptor 8S1-like [KO:K04257]
107528103  olfactory receptor 11A1-like [KO:K04257]
107528144  olfactory receptor 8S1-like [KO:K04257]
107530460  olfactory receptor 8B12 [KO:K04257]
107531652  olfactory receptor 49 [KO:K04257]
107535303  olfactory receptor 4D1 [KO:K04257]
107535304  olfactory receptor 4D2 [KO:K04257]
107537640  olfactory receptor 2K2 [KO:K04257]
107527970  olfactory receptor 3A1 [KO:K04257]
107527971  putative olfactory receptor 3A4 [KO:K04257]
107527972  olfactory receptor 139 [KO:K04257]
107527973  olfactory receptor 1E5-like [KO:K04257]
107527993  olfactory receptor 3A2 [KO:K04257]
107527994  olfactory receptor 3A1-like [KO:K04257]
107527995  olfactory receptor-like protein DTMT [KO:K04257]
107527996  olfactory receptor-like protein DTMT [KO:K04257]
107527997  olfactory receptor-like protein DTMT [KO:K04257]
107530265  olfactory receptor 4P4-like [KO:K04257]
107530267  olfactory receptor 4C46-like [KO:K04257]
107530274  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107530275  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107530276  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107530277  olfactory receptor 4S2 [KO:K04257]
107530279  olfactory receptor 4C11-like [KO:K04257]
107530280  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107530281  olfactory receptor 4A15-like [KO:K04257]
107530282  olfactory receptor 4C12-like [KO:K04257]
107530283  olfactory receptor 4C3-like [KO:K04257]
107544943  olfactory receptor 13C7-like [KO:K04257]
107544944  olfactory receptor 13J1-like [KO:K04257]
107540654  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 148-like [KO:K04257]
107540655  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4D5 [KO:K04257]
107540657  olfactory receptor 6X1 [KO:K04257]
107540658  olfactory receptor 10G6 [KO:K04257]
107540659  olfactory receptor 6T1 [KO:K04257]
107526991  olfactory receptor 4F17-like [KO:K04257]
107526992  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4F15-like [KO:K04257]
107526993  olfactory receptor 4L1-like [KO:K04257]
107526994  olfactory receptor 4Q2 [KO:K04257]
107526996  olfactory receptor 4K2 [KO:K04257]
107526997  olfactory receptor 4K2-like [KO:K04257]
107526998  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4Q3-like [KO:K04257]
107526999  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107527000  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107527001  olfactory receptor 11H4-like [KO:K04257]
107527002  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 11H7-like [KO:K04257]
107527021  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107527022  olfactory receptor 4F6-like [KO:K04257]
107527023  olfactory receptor 4F15 [KO:K04257]
107527024  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107527026  olfactory receptor 4F15-like [KO:K04257]
107527027  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29 [KO:K04257]
107527028  olfactory receptor 4F15-like [KO:K04257]
107527029  olfactory receptor 4K1-like [KO:K04257]
107527030  olfactory receptor 4N5 [KO:K04257]
107527031  olfactory receptor 4K1 [KO:K04257]
107527032  olfactory receptor 4N2 [KO:K04257]
107527033  olfactory receptor 4N4 [KO:K04257]
107527036  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107527037  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107527038  olfactory receptor 11H4 [KO:K04257]
107527042  olfactory receptor 6S1 [KO:K04257]
107527050  olfactory receptor 5AU1 [KO:K04257]
107527052  olfactory receptor 10G3 [KO:K04257]
107527053  olfactory receptor 10G2-like [KO:K04257]
107527054  olfactory receptor 10G2 [KO:K04257]
107527056  olfactory receptor 4E2 [KO:K04257]
107530501  olfactory receptor 8B4-like [KO:K04257]
107530502  olfactory receptor 8A1 [KO:K04257]
107545717  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107545718  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107545719  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107538607  olfactory receptor 52B2-like [KO:K04257]
107538612  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107538613  olfactory receptor 51J1-like [KO:K04257]
107538614  olfactory receptor 51B2-like [KO:K04257]
107538616  olfactory receptor 52Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107538617  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107538619  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107538620  olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107538621  olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107538622  olfactory receptor 52Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107538623  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107538624  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107538625  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107538626  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107538627  olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107538628  olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107538630  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107538631  olfactory receptor 52M1-like [KO:K04257]
107538632  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52M1-like [KO:K04257]
107538634  olfactory receptor 52B2-like [KO:K04257]
107538635  olfactory receptor 52A1-like [KO:K04257]
107538636  olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107538637  olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107538638  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52K2-like [KO:K04257]
107538639  olfactory receptor 52E4-like [KO:K04257]
107538640  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107538644  olfactory receptor 51A7-like [KO:K04257]
107538645  olfactory receptor 51G1 [KO:K04257]
107538646  olfactory receptor 51H1-like [KO:K04257]
107538647  olfactory receptor 51H1-like [KO:K04257]
107538648  olfactory receptor 52R1 [KO:K04257]
107538649  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107538651  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107538653  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107538654  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107538655  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107538656  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107538657  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107538658  olfactory receptor 52M1-like [KO:K04257]
107538659  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107538660  olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107538667  olfactory receptor 52B6 [KO:K04257]
107538668  olfactory receptor 51G2 isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107538669  olfactory receptor 52H1 [KO:K04257]
107540869  olfactory receptor 1F12-like [KO:K04257]
107544817  olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107544818  olfactory receptor 3A2-like [KO:K04257]
107544819  olfactory receptor 1D2 [KO:K04257]
107544820  olfactory receptor 1D2-like [KO:K04257]
107544821  olfactory receptor 3A2 [KO:K04257]
107534269  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107534271  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107534273  olfactory receptor 7C2-like [KO:K04257]
107534275  olfactory receptor 10T2-like [KO:K04257]
107535367  olfactory receptor 7A10-like [KO:K04257]
107533994  GNAL; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(olf) subunit alpha [KO:K04633]
107540160  GNB1; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(T) subunit beta-1 [KO:K04536]
107534609  GNG7; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(O) subunit gamma-7 [KO:K04543]
107533363  GNG13; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(O) subunit gamma-13 [KO:K04547]
107534062  ADCY3; adenylate cyclase type 3 [KO:K08043] [EC:]
107539359  CNGA2; cyclic nucleotide-gated olfactory channel [KO:K04949]
107540490  CNGA4; cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel alpha-4 [KO:K04951]
107532216  CNGB1; LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel beta-1 [KO:K04952]
107543970  ANO2; anoctamin-2 [KO:K19497]
107524472  olfactory guanylyl cyclase GC-D-like [KO:K12321] [EC:]
107544495  GUCY2D; retinal guanylyl cyclase 1 [KO:K12321] [EC:]
107540984  CNGA3; cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel alpha-3 [KO:K04950]
107526142  NCALD; neurocalcin-delta [KO:K19695]
107543282  PRKG1; cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1 [KO:K07376] [EC:]
107537152  PRKG2; cGMP-dependent protein kinase 2 isoform X1 [KO:K19477] [EC:]
107541794  SLC8A1; sodium/calcium exchanger 1 isoform X1 [KO:K05849]
107536251  SLC8A3; sodium/calcium exchanger 3 isoform X1 [KO:K05849]
107540036  SLC8A2; sodium/calcium exchanger 2 [KO:K05849]
107531599  SLC24A4; sodium/potassium/calcium exchanger 4 [KO:K13752]
107533587  ADRBK1; beta-adrenergic receptor kinase 1 [KO:K00910] [EC:]
107533866  ADRBK2; beta-adrenergic receptor kinase 2 isoform X1 [KO:K00910] [EC:]
107528069  ARRB2; beta-arrestin-2 [KO:K04439]
107524457  ARRB1; beta-arrestin-1 [KO:K04439]
107543566  RGS2; regulator of G-protein signaling 2 [KO:K18154]
107544336  PRKACA; cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha [KO:K04345] [EC:]
107543188  PRKACB; cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit beta isoform X1 [KO:K04345] [EC:]
107545830  CAMK2G; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit gamma isoform X1 [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107542053  CAMK2B; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit beta [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107535228  CAMK2A; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit alpha isoform X1 [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107527851  CAMK2D; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit delta isoform X1 [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107542429  CALML3; calmodulin-like protein 3 [KO:K02183]
107542435  CALML5; calmodulin-like protein 5 [KO:K02183]
107536794  CALM3; calmodulin [KO:K02183]
107540147  CALML6; calmodulin-like protein 6 [KO:K02183]
107544318  CALM2; calmodulin isoform X1 [KO:K02183]
107531584  CALM1; calmodulin [KO:K02183]
107525969  CALML4; calmodulin-like protein 4 [KO:K02183]
107541075  PDE1B; calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1B isoform X1 [KO:K13755] [EC:]
107544407  PDE1C; calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1C [KO:K13755] [EC:]
107536128  PDE1A; calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1A [KO:K13755] [EC:]
107533656  PDE2A; cGMP-dependent 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase [KO:K18283] [EC:]
C00020  AMP
C00076  Calcium cation
C00144  GMP
C00238  Potassium cation
C00575  3',5'-Cyclic AMP
C00698  Cl-
C00942  3',5'-Cyclic GMP
C01330  Sodium cation
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mna04024  cAMP signaling pathway
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