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Olfactory transduction - Rousettus aegyptiacus (Egyptian rousette)
Within the compact cilia of the olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs) a cascade of enzymatic activity transduces the binding of an odorant molecule to a receptor into an electrical signal that can be transmitted to the brain. Odorant molecules bind to a receptor protein (R) coupled to an olfactory specific Gs-protein (G) and activate a type III adenylyl cyclase (AC), increasing intracellular cAMP levels. cAMP targets an olfactory-specific cyclic-nucleotide gated ion channel (CNG), allowing cations, particularly Na and Ca, to flow down their electrochemical gradients into the cell, depolarizing the ORN. Furthermore, the Ca entering the cell is able to activate a Ca-activated Cl channel, which would allow Cl to flow out of the cell, thus further increasing the depolarization. Elevated intracellular Ca causes adaptation by at least two different molecular steps: inhibition of the activity of adenylyl cyclase via CAMKII-dependent phosphorylation and down-regulation of the affinity of the CNG channel to cAMP.
Organismal Systems; Sensory system
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ray04740  Olfactory transduction

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GO: 0007608
Rousettus aegyptiacus (Egyptian rousette) [GN:ray]
107506163  olfactory receptor 4A47-like [KO:K04257]
107506164  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107506166  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4A15-like [KO:K04257]
107506170  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4A15-like [KO:K04257]
107506171  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107506172  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107506173  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107506174  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107506175  olfactory receptor 4A47-like [KO:K04257]
107511700  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107512133  olfactory receptor 10A3 [KO:K04257]
107512134  olfactory receptor 10A3-like [KO:K04257]
107505702  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2T6-like [KO:K04257]
107505709  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107505711  olfactory receptor 52Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107505708  olfactory receptor 2M3-like [KO:K04257]
107505712  olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107505713  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107505714  olfactory receptor 51B4 [KO:K04257]
107505716  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107505720  olfactory receptor 51B2-like [KO:K04257]
107505719  olfactory receptor 2L8-like [KO:K04257]
107505721  olfactory receptor 51B2-like [KO:K04257]
107505726  olfactory receptor 2L2-like [KO:K04257]
107505943  olfactory receptor 8B3-like [KO:K04257]
107505944  olfactory receptor 8A1-like [KO:K04257]
107505945  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8A1-like [KO:K04257]
107505946  olfactory receptor 8B12-like [KO:K04257]
107505947  olfactory receptor 8B12-like [KO:K04257]
107505948  olfactory receptor 8B4 [KO:K04257]
107505949  olfactory receptor 6C4-like [KO:K04257]
107505951  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C6-like [KO:K04257]
107505952  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C6-like [KO:K04257]
107505953  olfactory receptor 6C4-like [KO:K04257]
107505954  olfactory receptor 10C1-like [KO:K04257]
107505956  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C3-like [KO:K04257]
107505957  olfactory receptor 10A7 [KO:K04257]
107505958  olfactory receptor 6C74 [KO:K04257]
107505959  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C74-like [KO:K04257]
107505960  olfactory receptor 6C1-like [KO:K04257]
107505961  olfactory receptor 6C3 [KO:K04257]
107505987  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8G1-like [KO:K04257]
107505988  olfactory receptor 147-like [KO:K04257]
107507243  olfactory receptor 8K5-like [KO:K04257]
107507270  olfactory receptor 4F6 [KO:K04257]
107507271  olfactory receptor 4F15 [KO:K04257]
107507272  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107507273  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107507276  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107507312  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107507313  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107507316  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107508197  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107508248  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107508274  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107508275  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107508276  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107508280  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107509542  olfactory receptor 2Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107505745  olfactory receptor 2L3-like [KO:K04257]
107505748  olfactory receptor 2L8-like [KO:K04257]
107505751  olfactory receptor 2T1-like [KO:K04257]
107506981  olfactory receptor 491-like [KO:K04257]
107506982  olfactory receptor 478-like [KO:K04257]
107506983  olfactory receptor 508-like [KO:K04257]
107506984  olfactory receptor 1030-like [KO:K04257]
107506987  olfactory receptor 2C1-like [KO:K04257]
107506988  olfactory receptor 2C1-like [KO:K04257]
107507054  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2T35-like [KO:K04257]
107508010  olfactory receptor 10C1-like [KO:K04257]
107508013  olfactory receptor 9K2 [KO:K04257]
107508014  olfactory receptor 12-like [KO:K04257]
107509340  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107516300  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107516301  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J2-like [KO:K04257]
107516302  olfactory receptor 1L8-like [KO:K04257]
107516933  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2F1-like [KO:K04257]
107516934  olfactory receptor 6B1 [KO:K04257]
107516935  olfactory receptor 10AC1-like [KO:K04257]
107516936  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF3 [KO:K04257]
107516937  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor-like protein OLF3 [KO:K04257]
107516938  olfactory receptor 2A5-like [KO:K04257]
107516939  olfactory receptor 2A1/2A42-like isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107516940  olfactory receptor 2A5-like [KO:K04257]
107516941  olfactory receptor 2A2-like [KO:K04257]
107516942  olfactory receptor 2A5 [KO:K04257]
107516943  olfactory receptor 2A25-like [KO:K04257]
107516988  olfactory receptor 9A4-like [KO:K04257]
107516998  olfactory receptor 2A1/2A42-like [KO:K04257]
107508549  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107508550  olfactory receptor 4A47-like [KO:K04257]
107508552  olfactory receptor 4A47-like [KO:K04257]
107514278  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 10AD1 [KO:K04257]
107514280  olfactory receptor 8S1-like [KO:K04257]
107514283  olfactory receptor 8S1-like [KO:K04257]
107514284  olfactory receptor 8S1-like [KO:K04257]
107514295  olfactory receptor 8S1-like [KO:K04257]
107515065  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: putative gustatory receptor clone PTE01 [KO:K04257]
107515066  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107515069  olfactory receptor 7G3-like [KO:K04257]
107521273  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521274  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521275  olfactory receptor 6C4 [KO:K04257]
107510974  olfactory receptor 5B3-like [KO:K04257]
107510975  olfactory receptor 5B2-like [KO:K04257]
107510997  olfactory receptor 51G1 [KO:K04257]
107517955  olfactory receptor 4K3-like [KO:K04257]
107517962  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29 [KO:K04257]
107517971  olfactory receptor 4F15-like [KO:K04257]
107517980  olfactory receptor 4F6-like [KO:K04257]
107517982  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107517987  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107517991  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107517997  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107518801  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107518815  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107518825  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107507598  olfactory receptor 5AS1-like [KO:K04257]
107507601  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107507602  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107507603  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107507604  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107507629  olfactory receptor 1E5-like [KO:K04257]
107511195  olfactory receptor 5B2-like [KO:K04257]
107517510  olfactory receptor 1361-like [KO:K04257]
107517511  olfactory receptor 1361-like [KO:K04257]
107521064  olfactory receptor 9K2 [KO:K04257]
107521103  olfactory receptor 4E2 [KO:K04257]
107506515  olfactory receptor 11H6-like [KO:K04257]
107506516  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107506518  olfactory receptor 11H6-like [KO:K04257]
107506519  olfactory receptor 4N2-like [KO:K04257]
107506520  olfactory receptor 4M1 [KO:K04257]
107506521  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4Q3-like [KO:K04257]
107506522  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107511219  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107519899  olfactory receptor 24 [KO:K04257]
107505596  olfactory receptor 52H1-like [KO:K04257]
107505597  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107505598  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107506839  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107506841  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107506842  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107506844  olfactory receptor 5T1-like [KO:K04257]
107506846  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107506847  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107506849  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107506850  olfactory receptor 5T2-like [KO:K04257]
107506851  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107506858  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107506864  olfactory receptor 5I1-like [KO:K04257]
107506865  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107506867  olfactory receptor 5L2-like [KO:K04257]
107506868  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1019-like [KO:K04257]
107506869  olfactory receptor 5W2-like [KO:K04257]
107506870  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107506874  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107506875  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107503042  olfactory receptor 5I1-like [KO:K04257]
107503112  olfactory receptor 5W2-like [KO:K04257]
107503119  olfactory receptor 5W2-like [KO:K04257]
107503128  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503137  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107503143  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503148  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503154  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503158  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF1 [KO:K04257]
107503369  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107508338  olfactory receptor 149 [KO:K04257]
107505822  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107505823  olfactory receptor 6C76 [KO:K04257]
107505824  olfactory receptor 6C65-like [KO:K04257]
107505825  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C3-like [KO:K04257]
107505827  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107505828  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107505829  olfactory receptor 6C70-like [KO:K04257]
107505830  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107505831  olfactory receptor 6C65 [KO:K04257]
107505832  olfactory receptor 6C75 [KO:K04257]
107507086  olfactory receptor 491-like [KO:K04257]
107507087  olfactory receptor 502-like [KO:K04257]
107507089  olfactory receptor 478-like [KO:K04257]
107507117  olfactory receptor 52H1 [KO:K04257]
107507119  olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107507120  olfactory receptor 52A5 [KO:K04257]
107507121  olfactory receptor 52H1-like [KO:K04257]
107507122  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52A1-like [KO:K04257]
107507123  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107507124  olfactory receptor 52A1-like [KO:K04257]
107502248  olfactory receptor 10G7-like [KO:K04257]
107502250  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6M1-like [KO:K04257]
107502257  olfactory receptor 10G9 [KO:K04257]
107502264  olfactory receptor 10S1 [KO:K04257]
107502265  olfactory receptor 8D4 isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107502266  olfactory receptor 4D5 [KO:K04257]
107502613  olfactory receptor 2K2 [KO:K04257]
107502738  olfactory receptor 13J1 [KO:K04257]
107502740  olfactory receptor 13C7-like [KO:K04257]
107509371  olfactory receptor 56-like [KO:K04257]
107509372  olfactory receptor 56-like [KO:K04257]
107509376  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107509378  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107509440  olfactory receptor 52E2-like [KO:K04257]
107509441  olfactory receptor 2T27-like [KO:K04257]
107516394  olfactory receptor 13F1 [KO:K04257]
107516406  olfactory receptor 13C8 [KO:K04257]
107516407  olfactory receptor 13C3 [KO:K04257]
107516408  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 13D1 [KO:K04257]
107516409  olfactory receptor 13D1-like [KO:K04257]
107518618  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107518640  olfactory receptor 4A8-like [KO:K04257]
107518646  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4A15-like [KO:K04257]
107507414  olfactory receptor 7G2-like [KO:K04257]
107507416  olfactory receptor 7G3-like [KO:K04257]
107507834  olfactory receptor 478-like [KO:K04257]
107507835  olfactory receptor 502-like [KO:K04257]
107509047  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107510234  olfactory receptor 1086-like [KO:K04257]
107503886  olfactory receptor 49 [KO:K04257]
107503064  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503083  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503183  olfactory receptor 10J3 [KO:K04257]
107503184  olfactory receptor 10J1-like [KO:K04257]
107507836  olfactory receptor 502-like [KO:K04257]
107509185  olfactory receptor 52E8-like [KO:K04257]
107509186  olfactory receptor 52E8-like [KO:K04257]
107509187  olfactory receptor 52E4 [KO:K04257]
107510350  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107511479  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107515128  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107515129  olfactory receptor 7D4-like [KO:K04257]
107516109  olfactory receptor 11A1-like [KO:K04257]
107517517  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 56-like [KO:K04257]
107506567  olfactory receptor 2T6-like [KO:K04257]
107506568  olfactory receptor 2T1-like [KO:K04257]
107506569  olfactory receptor 2T27 [KO:K04257]
107506570  olfactory receptor 6 [KO:K04257]
107506572  olfactory receptor 2AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107506575  olfactory receptor 226-like [KO:K04257]
107508634  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107508636  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107508637  olfactory receptor 2M3-like [KO:K04257]
107508642  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107508643  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107508644  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107508687  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107508688  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107504607  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107504609  olfactory receptor 7A10-like [KO:K04257]
107504610  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107504611  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107504613  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107504628  putative olfactory receptor 2W6 [KO:K04257]
107502282  olfactory receptor 5-like [KO:K04257]
107502283  olfactory receptor 2G3-like [KO:K04257]
107518368  olfactory receptor 5B3-like [KO:K04257]
107518372  olfactory receptor 10Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107518373  olfactory receptor 10W1 [KO:K04257]
107518375  olfactory receptor 5B12-like [KO:K04257]
107518376  olfactory receptor 10Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107518377  olfactory receptor 1S1-like [KO:K04257]
107518378  olfactory receptor 9Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107518380  olfactory receptor 476-like [KO:K04257]
107518381  olfactory receptor 476-like [KO:K04257]
107518382  olfactory receptor 476-like [KO:K04257]
107518383  olfactory receptor 476-like [KO:K04257]
107518384  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 476-like [KO:K04257]
107518385  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107518386  olfactory receptor 5B2-like [KO:K04257]
107518387  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5B2-like [KO:K04257]
107518388  olfactory receptor 6Q1 [KO:K04257]
107518389  olfactory receptor 9I1 [KO:K04257]
107521109  olfactory receptor 11H6-like [KO:K04257]
107521110  olfactory receptor 11H6-like [KO:K04257]
107521116  olfactory receptor 6S1 [KO:K04257]
107521118  olfactory receptor 11H4-like [KO:K04257]
107521120  olfactory receptor 11H6-like [KO:K04257]
107521121  olfactory receptor 11H4 [KO:K04257]
107521122  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 10G2-like [KO:K04257]
107521123  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107521129  olfactory receptor 10G2 [KO:K04257]
107521130  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107521131  olfactory receptor 10G3 [KO:K04257]
107521132  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107521133  olfactory receptor 4E1 [KO:K04257]
107521135  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5AU1 [KO:K04257]
107506616  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1K1 [KO:K04257]
107506617  olfactory receptor 5C1 [KO:K04257]
107506618  olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107506619  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107506620  olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107506621  olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107506622  putative olfactory receptor 1F2 [KO:K04257]
107506623  olfactory receptor 1L6-like [KO:K04257]
107506624  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1L4-like [KO:K04257]
107506628  olfactory receptor 1L6-like [KO:K04257]
107521611  olfactory receptor 52E4-like [KO:K04257]
107507631  olfactory receptor-like protein DTMT [KO:K04257]
107507632  olfactory receptor 1L4-like [KO:K04257]
107507633  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 139-like [KO:K04257]
107507634  putative olfactory receptor 3A4 [KO:K04257]
107507635  olfactory receptor 3A1-like [KO:K04257]
107507645  olfactory receptor 1E2 [KO:K04257]
107507647  olfactory receptor 3A2-like [KO:K04257]
107507684  olfactory receptor 1A1-like [KO:K04257]
107507685  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1E2-like [KO:K04257]
107507686  olfactory receptor 1D2 [KO:K04257]
107507687  olfactory receptor 1D2-like [KO:K04257]
107507689  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1D2-like [KO:K04257]
107507690  olfactory receptor 1G1 [KO:K04257]
107507691  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1P1-like [KO:K04257]
107507692  olfactory receptor 1D2-like [KO:K04257]
107508897  olfactory receptor 5F1 [KO:K04257]
107510099  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107511278  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107521835  olfactory receptor 8G1-like [KO:K04257]
107521836  olfactory receptor 149-like [KO:K04257]
107521837  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 148-like [KO:K04257]
107521838  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: putative olfactory receptor 10D4 [KO:K04257]
107521841  olfactory receptor 8B3-like [KO:K04257]
107502725  olfactory receptor 13C7-like [KO:K04257]
107502734  olfactory receptor 13C7 [KO:K04257]
107502783  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6N2-like [KO:K04257]
107502850  olfactory receptor 13C7-like [KO:K04257]
107502892  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 13H1-like [KO:K04257]
107503018  olfactory receptor 4D1-like [KO:K04257]
107516603  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5AC1 [KO:K04257]
107516606  olfactory receptor 5H2-like [KO:K04257]
107517304  olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107517307  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51A4-like [KO:K04257]
107517308  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51A4-like [KO:K04257]
107517309  olfactory receptor 51H1-like [KO:K04257]
107517310  olfactory receptor 51H1-like [KO:K04257]
107517311  olfactory receptor 51S1 [KO:K04257]
107517312  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107517314  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107517315  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107517316  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107517317  olfactory receptor 51F2-like [KO:K04257]
107517318  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107517319  olfactory receptor 52M1-like [KO:K04257]
107517320  olfactory receptor 51L1-like [KO:K04257]
107517321  olfactory receptor 52B4 [KO:K04257]
107517328  olfactory receptor 51G1-like [KO:K04257]
107517329  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107517330  olfactory receptor 52K1-like [KO:K04257]
107517331  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52B4-like [KO:K04257]
107517333  olfactory receptor 51E2 [KO:K04257]
107517335  olfactory receptor 52E2 [KO:K04257]
107517336  olfactory receptor 51E1 [KO:K04257]
107517337  olfactory receptor 51L1 [KO:K04257]
107517338  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107517339  olfactory receptor 51A7 [KO:K04257]
107517340  olfactory receptor 52J3 [KO:K04257]
107517341  olfactory receptor 52I1-like [KO:K04257]
107517342  olfactory receptor 52E2-like [KO:K04257]
107517343  olfactory receptor 51D1 [KO:K04257]
107517344  olfactory receptor 52K1 [KO:K04257]
107517345  olfactory receptor 51F1 [KO:K04257]
107517346  olfactory receptor 52R1 [KO:K04257]
107517347  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51A4 [KO:K04257]
107517348  olfactory receptor 51A4-like [KO:K04257]
107517349  olfactory receptor 51F2 [KO:K04257]
107517350  olfactory receptor 52M1 [KO:K04257]
107517351  olfactory receptor 51A7-like [KO:K04257]
107517352  olfactory receptor 52K1-like [KO:K04257]
107517353  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 51A4-like [KO:K04257]
107517354  olfactory receptor 51H1-like [KO:K04257]
107519039  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2A14-like [KO:K04257]
107506349  olfactory receptor 5AC1-like [KO:K04257]
107506351  olfactory receptor 5H2-like [KO:K04257]
107506352  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5AC2-like [KO:K04257]
107506353  olfactory receptor 5AC1-like [KO:K04257]
107506354  olfactory receptor 5AC1-like [KO:K04257]
107508397  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107508398  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107511632  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107505999  olfactory receptor 51V1-like [KO:K04257]
107506000  olfactory receptor 51A4-like [KO:K04257]
107506001  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107506002  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107506003  olfactory receptor 52Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107506005  olfactory receptor 52E4-like [KO:K04257]
107506007  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107506009  olfactory receptor 52Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107506010  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107506011  olfactory receptor 51G2-like [KO:K04257]
107506013  olfactory receptor 52E2-like [KO:K04257]
107507365  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107507366  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507367  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507368  olfactory receptor 5T2-like [KO:K04257]
107507370  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507371  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107507372  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107507374  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107507378  olfactory receptor 7A10-like [KO:K04257]
107507379  olfactory receptor 7C1-like [KO:K04257]
107507380  olfactory receptor 7A5-like [KO:K04257]
107507381  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107503019  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4D2-like [KO:K04257]
107503020  olfactory receptor 4D2-like [KO:K04257]
107503021  olfactory receptor 4D1 [KO:K04257]
107503022  olfactory receptor 4D1-like [KO:K04257]
107503023  olfactory receptor 4D1-like [KO:K04257]
107509690  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107509691  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107515897  olfactory receptor 10AC1-like [KO:K04257]
107517864  olfactory receptor 4K2-like [KO:K04257]
107517873  olfactory receptor 4K2 [KO:K04257]
107517883  olfactory receptor 4N5-like [KO:K04257]
107505599  putative olfactory receptor 56B2 [KO:K04257]
107505601  olfactory receptor 52N5 [KO:K04257]
107505603  olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107505604  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107505606  olfactory receptor 52N4 [KO:K04257]
107505607  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52N4-like [KO:K04257]
107505608  olfactory receptor 52N2 [KO:K04257]
107505672  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2M3-like [KO:K04257]
107506907  olfactory receptor 2AG2-like isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107506908  olfactory receptor 2D3-like [KO:K04257]
107506909  olfactory receptor 6-like [KO:K04257]
107506910  olfactory receptor 226 [KO:K04257]
107506912  olfactory receptor 2D3-like [KO:K04257]
107506957  olfactory receptor 4X2-like [KO:K04257]
107506959  olfactory receptor 4C12-like [KO:K04257]
107506961  olfactory receptor 4C45-like [KO:K04257]
107506962  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4C5-like [KO:K04257]
107506963  olfactory receptor 4C3 [KO:K04257]
107506964  olfactory receptor 4S1 [KO:K04257]
107506965  olfactory receptor 4X1-like [KO:K04257]
107506980  olfactory receptor 502-like [KO:K04257]
107512288  olfactory receptor 56-like [KO:K04257]
107512289  olfactory receptor 56 [KO:K04257]
107504316  olfactory receptor 139-like [KO:K04257]
107504349  olfactory receptor 56B4-like [KO:K04257]
107504350  olfactory receptor 52K1-like [KO:K04257]
107504351  olfactory receptor 52L1 [KO:K04257]
107504355  olfactory receptor 56B1-like [KO:K04257]
107504356  putative olfactory receptor 56B2 [KO:K04257]
107504358  olfactory receptor 52B2-like [KO:K04257]
107504360  olfactory receptor 52N4-like [KO:K04257]
107503092  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503099  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107503104  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107504896  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107504899  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107504902  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107508187  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107508192  olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107508194  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5D16-like [KO:K04257]
107515147  olfactory receptor 7D2 [KO:K04257]
107515148  olfactory receptor 7C1-like [KO:K04257]
107515149  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 18-like [KO:K04257]
107518668  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4C6-like [KO:K04257]
107518674  olfactory receptor 4C6-like [KO:K04257]
107518683  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4C6-like [KO:K04257]
107518696  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107518707  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107518713  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107518715  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107518722  olfactory receptor 4A5-like [KO:K04257]
107518728  olfactory receptor 4A47-like [KO:K04257]
107506672  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107506722  olfactory receptor 52E4-like [KO:K04257]
107506724  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52A1-like [KO:K04257]
107506725  olfactory receptor 52D1-like [KO:K04257]
107506726  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 52E4-like [KO:K04257]
107506727  olfactory receptor 52M1-like [KO:K04257]
107506728  olfactory receptor 52A1-like [KO:K04257]
107506729  olfactory receptor 52K1-like [KO:K04257]
107505843  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2Z1-like [KO:K04257]
107505845  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107507218  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107507219  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107507220  olfactory receptor 5F1-like [KO:K04257]
107507235  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507236  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507238  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507240  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507241  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107507242  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107505092  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5L1-like [KO:K04257]
107505094  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5D13-like [KO:K04257]
107505095  olfactory receptor 5D13-like [KO:K04257]
107505096  olfactory receptor 5D13-like [KO:K04257]
107505097  olfactory receptor 4P4-like [KO:K04257]
107505098  olfactory receptor 4P4-like [KO:K04257]
107505100  olfactory receptor 4P4-like [KO:K04257]
107505101  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4S2-like [KO:K04257]
107505102  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107505107  olfactory receptor 5D18 [KO:K04257]
107505108  olfactory receptor 5D14 [KO:K04257]
107505109  olfactory receptor 4C16-like [KO:K04257]
107505110  olfactory receptor 4S2 [KO:K04257]
107505111  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4C16-like [KO:K04257]
107505112  olfactory receptor 4C16-like [KO:K04257]
107505116  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107505123  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107505125  olfactory receptor 1J1-like [KO:K04257]
107505126  olfactory receptor 1N2 [KO:K04257]
107505127  olfactory receptor 1G1-like [KO:K04257]
107505128  olfactory receptor 1361-like [KO:K04257]
107505129  olfactory receptor 1361-like [KO:K04257]
107505132  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107505133  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107505134  olfactory receptor 1J4 [KO:K04257]
107505135  olfactory receptor 1J2 [KO:K04257]
107505136  olfactory receptor 1N1-like [KO:K04257]
107505137  olfactory receptor 1N1-like [KO:K04257]
107505138  olfactory receptor 1N1-like [KO:K04257]
107505140  olfactory receptor 1Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107505141  olfactory receptor 1L3-like [KO:K04257]
107505143  olfactory receptor 1L4 [KO:K04257]
107505144  olfactory receptor 1L6-like [KO:K04257]
107504191  olfactory receptor 5AK2 [KO:K04257]
107504194  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107504375  olfactory receptor 52W1 [KO:K04257]
107507906  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 149-like [KO:K04257]
107507946  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107507951  olfactory receptor 1J2-like [KO:K04257]
107507952  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107507953  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107507954  olfactory receptor 52E8-like [KO:K04257]
107507955  olfactory receptor 52E8 [KO:K04257]
107507956  olfactory receptor 52E5-like [KO:K04257]
107507957  olfactory receptor 56A4 [KO:K04257]
107509256  olfactory receptor 5T2-like [KO:K04257]
107509257  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107509258  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8J2-like [KO:K04257]
107510351  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J2-like [KO:K04257]
107516906  olfactory receptor 6S1 isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107516925  olfactory receptor 2A2-like [KO:K04257]
107517603  olfactory receptor 11H4 [KO:K04257]
107518421  olfactory receptor 9Q2-like [KO:K04257]
107518422  olfactory receptor 9I1-like [KO:K04257]
107518425  olfactory receptor 476-like isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107507462  olfactory receptor 2T27-like [KO:K04257]
107507527  olfactory receptor 2G6 [KO:K04257]
107508741  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 56-like [KO:K04257]
107508766  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107508767  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107508768  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2T6-like [KO:K04257]
107508793  olfactory receptor 10AG1-like [KO:K04257]
107508795  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4A15-like [KO:K04257]
107508796  olfactory receptor 4C12-like [KO:K04257]
107508799  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107508800  olfactory receptor 11G2-like [KO:K04257]
107509989  olfactory receptor 1N1-like [KO:K04257]
107504382  olfactory receptor 52B2 [KO:K04257]
107521206  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521209  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521210  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521213  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521214  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521215  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521216  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107521217  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107508528  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107508532  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107508533  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107511103  olfactory receptor-like protein OLF4 [KO:K04257]
107521661  olfactory receptor 2C1-like [KO:K04257]
107507693  olfactory receptor 1A1 [KO:K04257]
107510150  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107510153  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107510154  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107511348  olfactory receptor 6C2-like [KO:K04257]
107517355  putative olfactory receptor 52P1 [KO:K04257]
107517356  olfactory receptor 51T1 [KO:K04257]
107517374  olfactory receptor 52I2-like [KO:K04257]
107519119  olfactory receptor 2AT4-like [KO:K04257]
107519120  olfactory receptor 2AT4-like [KO:K04257]
107519141  olfactory receptor 2AT4 [KO:K04257]
107506393  olfactory receptor 7A5-like [KO:K04257]
107506413  olfactory receptor 5T2-like [KO:K04257]
107506414  olfactory receptor 8J2 [KO:K04257]
107506416  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107506417  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107506420  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107506421  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107506424  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107506425  olfactory receptor 5T2-like [KO:K04257]
107506427  olfactory receptor 5T2-like [KO:K04257]
107506428  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107506429  olfactory receptor 1052-like [KO:K04257]
107508534  olfactory receptor 1J2-like [KO:K04257]
107508535  olfactory receptor 1J4-like [KO:K04257]
107509769  olfactory receptor 8B3 [KO:K04257]
107517203  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1361-like [KO:K04257]
107517204  olfactory receptor 2Z1 [KO:K04257]
107517208  olfactory receptor 10T2-like [KO:K04257]
107517209  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1I1 [KO:K04257]
107517211  olfactory receptor 7C1-like [KO:K04257]
107517212  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107517213  olfactory receptor 7A17-like [KO:K04257]
107517215  olfactory receptor 7C2-like [KO:K04257]
107517217  olfactory receptor 10H1 isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107517218  olfactory receptor 10H2 [KO:K04257]
107517890  olfactory receptor 4F15-like [KO:K04257]
107517897  olfactory receptor 4N2-like [KO:K04257]
107517904  olfactory receptor 4N2 [KO:K04257]
107517911  olfactory receptor 4K1 [KO:K04257]
107517914  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4K15-like [KO:K04257]
107517920  olfactory receptor 4K14 [KO:K04257]
107517930  olfactory receptor 4L1-like [KO:K04257]
107517945  olfactory receptor 4K3-like [KO:K04257]
107517950  olfactory receptor 4L1-like [KO:K04257]
107518737  olfactory receptor 140-like [KO:K04257]
107518741  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107518745  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107518753  olfactory receptor 4C6-like [KO:K04257]
107518759  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107518766  olfactory receptor 4C16-like [KO:K04257]
107518772  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 140-like [KO:K04257]
107518779  olfactory receptor 4F3/4F16/4F29-like [KO:K04257]
107518781  olfactory receptor 4C15-like [KO:K04257]
107518791  olfactory receptor 4C15-like isoform X1 [KO:K04257]
107499487  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107499488  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107499490  olfactory receptor 2G3-like [KO:K04257]
107499492  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107499494  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107499495  olfactory receptor 2A12-like [KO:K04257]
107501118  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107501125  olfactory receptor 52D1 [KO:K04257]
107501146  olfactory receptor 51B5-like [KO:K04257]
107501157  olfactory receptor 51Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107501161  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107501188  olfactory receptor 52H1-like [KO:K04257]
107501197  olfactory receptor 51B2-like [KO:K04257]
107501204  olfactory receptor 51B6 [KO:K04257]
107501214  olfactory receptor 51M1 [KO:K04257]
107501217  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107501222  olfactory receptor 51I1-like [KO:K04257]
107501229  olfactory receptor 51L1-like [KO:K04257]
107499605  olfactory receptor 10Q1-like [KO:K04257]
107499710  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 10K2-like [KO:K04257]
107499712  olfactory receptor 6N2-like [KO:K04257]
107499714  olfactory receptor 6K6 [KO:K04257]
107499719  olfactory receptor 10K2 [KO:K04257]
107499725  olfactory receptor 6Y1-like [KO:K04257]
107499727  olfactory receptor 6P1 [KO:K04257]
107499728  olfactory receptor 6K3 [KO:K04257]
107499729  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 10T2-like [KO:K04257]
107501090  olfactory receptor 52B6 [KO:K04257]
107501092  olfactory receptor 52H1-like [KO:K04257]
107501099  olfactory receptor 51I2-like [KO:K04257]
107501102  olfactory receptor 52H1-like [KO:K04257]
107501107  olfactory receptor 51I1 [KO:K04257]
107501113  olfactory receptor 51I2 [KO:K04257]
107498991  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107498997  olfactory receptor 5AL1-like [KO:K04257]
107499000  olfactory receptor 5M9 [KO:K04257]
107499008  olfactory receptor 1030 [KO:K04257]
107499013  olfactory receptor 1030-like [KO:K04257]
107499018  olfactory receptor 1030-like [KO:K04257]
107499024  olfactory receptor 5M11 [KO:K04257]
107500580  putative olfactory receptor 10D4 [KO:K04257]
107497073  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 6X1 [KO:K04257]
107498312  olfactory receptor 143-like [KO:K04257]
107500052  olfactory receptor 8A1-like [KO:K04257]
107500057  olfactory receptor 8B12-like [KO:K04257]
107499030  olfactory receptor 9G4 [KO:K04257]
107499035  olfactory receptor 1013-like [KO:K04257]
107499038  olfactory receptor 1002-like [KO:K04257]
107499043  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107499050  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107499058  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107499065  olfactory receptor 5G3-like [KO:K04257]
107499074  olfactory receptor 8K3-like [KO:K04257]
107499080  olfactory receptor 5J2 [KO:K04257]
107499086  olfactory receptor 8K5-like [KO:K04257]
107499092  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 8K1-like [KO:K04257]
107499095  olfactory receptor 8J1-like [KO:K04257]
107499101  olfactory receptor 8U1-like [KO:K04257]
107499106  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 1044-like [KO:K04257]
107499111  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5AL1-like [KO:K04257]
107499113  olfactory receptor 2G6 [KO:K04257]
107499117  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 502 [KO:K04257]
107499118  olfactory receptor 1038 [KO:K04257]
107499126  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5R1-like [KO:K04257]
107499131  olfactory receptor 5M3 [KO:K04257]
107499134  olfactory receptor 2D3 [KO:K04257]
107499138  olfactory receptor 5M3-like [KO:K04257]
107499145  olfactory receptor 491-like [KO:K04257]
107499144  olfactory receptor 5M8-like [KO:K04257]
107499147  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 481-like [KO:K04257]
107499152  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 4D2 [KO:K04257]
107499154  olfactory receptor 5M8 [KO:K04257]
107499159  olfactory receptor 5M8-like [KO:K04257]
107499164  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 5M10-like [KO:K04257]
107499168  olfactory receptor 5AP2 [KO:K04257]
107499175  olfactory receptor 1019 [KO:K04257]
107499184  putative olfactory receptor 2B8 [KO:K04257]
107499191  olfactory receptor 1009-like [KO:K04257]
107497304  olfactory receptor 1440-like [KO:K04257]
107497307  olfactory receptor 4D11-like [KO:K04257]
107497312  olfactory receptor 1440-like [KO:K04257]
107497315  olfactory receptor 4D10 [KO:K04257]
107497316  olfactory receptor 4D11 [KO:K04257]
107497317  olfactory receptor 5AN1 [KO:K04257]
107497319  olfactory receptor 5A2 [KO:K04257]
107497320  olfactory receptor 5A1 [KO:K04257]
107497334  olfactory receptor 5A1-like [KO:K04257]
107498757  olfactory receptor 1F1-like [KO:K04257]
107500347  olfactory receptor 2L8-like [KO:K04257]
107500348  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2T33-like [KO:K04257]
107500349  olfactory receptor 2M5-like [KO:K04257]
107500351  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: putative olfactory receptor 2W5 [KO:K04257]
107500354  olfactory receptor 2T27-like [KO:K04257]
107500355  olfactory receptor 2G3-like [KO:K04257]
107500356  olfactory receptor 2B11 [KO:K04257]
107500357  olfactory receptor 2T27-like [KO:K04257]
107498094  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2H2 [KO:K04257]
107498109  olfactory receptor 1F12-like [KO:K04257]
107501878  olfactory receptor 2M5-like [KO:K04257]
107501879  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory receptor 2B6-like [KO:K04257]
107501880  olfactory receptor 2W3 [KO:K04257]
107501881  olfactory receptor 2L2-like [KO:K04257]
107501884  olfactory receptor 2L3-like [KO:K04257]
107501885  olfactory receptor 2L8-like [KO:K04257]
107501886  olfactory receptor 2L2-like [KO:K04257]
107497716  GNAL; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(olf) subunit alpha isoform X1 [KO:K04633]
107510694  GNB1; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(T) subunit beta-1 [KO:K04536]
107520101  GNG7; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(O) subunit gamma-7 [KO:K04543]
107506102  GNG13; guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(O) subunit gamma-13 isoform X1 [KO:K04547]
107498506  ADCY3; LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: adenylate cyclase type 3 [KO:K08043] [EC:]
107520605  CNGA2; cyclic nucleotide-gated olfactory channel [KO:K04949]
107504357  CNGA4; cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel alpha-4 [KO:K04951]
107502654  CNGB1; cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel beta-1 [KO:K04952]
107519778  ANO2; anoctamin-2 isoform X1 [KO:K19497]
107515672  GUCY2D; retinal guanylyl cyclase 1 isoform X1 [KO:K12321] [EC:]
107519122  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: olfactory guanylyl cyclase GC-D-like [KO:K12321] [EC:]
107509975  CNGA3; cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel alpha-3 [KO:K04950]
107512224  NCALD; neurocalcin-delta [KO:K19695]
107515478  PRKG1; cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1 isoform X1 [KO:K07376] [EC:]
107516479  PRKG2; cGMP-dependent protein kinase 2 isoform X1 [KO:K19477] [EC:]
107503262  SLC8A3; sodium/calcium exchanger 3 isoform X1 [KO:K05849]
107516018  SLC8A2; sodium/calcium exchanger 2 isoform X1 [KO:K05849]
107509443  SLC8A1; sodium/calcium exchanger 1 isoform X1 [KO:K05849]
107511240  SLC24A4; sodium/potassium/calcium exchanger 4 isoform X1 [KO:K13752]
107503771  ADRBK1; beta-adrenergic receptor kinase 1 isoform X1 [KO:K00910] [EC:]
107499745  ADRBK2; beta-adrenergic receptor kinase 2 isoform X1 [KO:K00910] [EC:]
107519169  ARRB1; beta-arrestin-1 isoform X1 [KO:K04439]
107509496  ARRB2; beta-arrestin-2 isoform X1 [KO:K04439]
107498959  RGS2; regulator of G-protein signaling 2 [KO:K18154]
107519437  PRKACA; cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha [KO:K04345] [EC:]
107511590  PRKACB; cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit beta isoform X1 [KO:K04345] [EC:]
107510894  CAMK2D; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit delta isoform X1 [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107512385  CAMK2B; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit beta isoform X1 [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107497167  CAMK2A; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit alpha isoform X1 [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107498266  CAMK2G; calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit gamma isoform X1 [KO:K04515] [EC:]
107509556  CALM2; calmodulin [KO:K02183]
107508927  CALML4; calmodulin-like protein 4 isoform X1 [KO:K02183]
107515457  CALM1; calmodulin [KO:K02183]
107516034  CALM3; calmodulin [KO:K02183]
107501627  calmodulin-like protein 5 [KO:K02183]
107513286  PDE1A; calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1A isoform X1 [KO:K13755] [EC:]
107518500  PDE1C; calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1C isoform X1 [KO:K13755] [EC:]
107521071  PDE1B; calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1B isoform X1 [KO:K13755] [EC:]
107517367  PDE2A; cGMP-dependent 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase isoform X1 [KO:K18283] [EC:]
C00020  AMP
C00076  Calcium cation
C00144  GMP
C00238  Potassium cation
C00575  3',5'-Cyclic AMP
C00698  Cl-
C00942  3',5'-Cyclic GMP
C01330  Sodium cation
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ray04024  cAMP signaling pathway
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