Current Statistics

KEGG Database as of 2019/1/20
Systems information
KEGG PATHWAY Pathway maps, reference (total) 530 (612,685)
KEGG BRITE Functional hierarchies, reference (total) 202 (219,653)
KEGG MODULE KEGG modules, reference (total) 811 (505,294)
Genomic information
KEGG ORTHOLOGY KEGG Orthology (KO) groups 22,478
KEGG GENOME KEGG organisms and selected viruses
(473 eukaryotes, 4992 bacteria, 285 archaea,
and 328 viruses)
KEGG GENES Genes in KEGG organisms and other categories
(including 4,386 addendum, 322,572 viral)
(see annotation statistics)
KEGG SSDB Best hit relations within GENES
Bi-directional best hit relations within GENES
Chemical information
KEGG COMPOUND Metabolites and other small molecules 18,482
KEGG GLYCAN Glycans 11,040
KEGG REACTION Biochemical reactions 11,106
KEGG RCLASS Reaction class 3,154
KEGG ENZYME Enzyme nomenclature 7,479
Health information
KEGG NETWORK Disease-related network elements 582
KEGG VARIANT Human gene variants 171
KEGG DISEASE Human diseases 2,268
KEGG DRUG Drugs 10,820
KEGG DGROUP Drug groups 2,180
KEGG ENVIRON Crude drugs and health-related substances 856
Drug labels
KEGG MEDICUS Japanese prescription drug labels from JAPIC
Japanese OTC drug labels from JAPIC
KEGG MEDICUS FDA prescription drug labels linked to DailyMed
FDA OTC drug labels linked to DailyMed