GENES Addendum Category

KEGG GENES used to contain only the complete genome sequences until the introduction of the Addendum (ag) category, which is a manually created, publication-based collection of functionally characterized proteins. This category has been used to fill the gaps of missing sequence data in the KEGG pathway maps, where no corresponding genes could be found in KEGG organisms (complete genomes). It is also used to create various sequence data collections including antimicrobial resistance, EC numbers and CYP nomenclature.

KEGG Sequence Data Collection

BRITE table files

For characterizing and predicting antimicrobial resistance (see KEGG Pathogen) the following collections of Addendum sequences are created. In addition, sequence data associated with Enzyme Nomenclature and cytochrome P450 nomenclature are organized using both KEGG organism category and Addendum category sequences.
FASTA sequence files

The corresponding FASTA sequence files are available as follows.

Phylogenetic trees

Phylogetic relationships of sequence data together with KEGG KO assignments (click on the Color button) are shown below for each collection of antimicrobial resistance genes. Each tree has been generated using clustalw and phylip packages.

Last updated: May 1, 2021