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Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes - Drosophila yakuba
Ribosomes are the cellular factories responsible for making proteins. In eukaryotes, ribosome biogenesis involves the production and correct assembly of four rRNAs and about 80 ribosomal proteins. It requires hundreds of factors not present in the mature particle. In the absence of these proteins, ribosome biogenesis is stalled and cell growth is terminated even under optimal growth conditions. The primary pre-rRNA transcript is assembled into the 90S pre-ribosome, which contains both 40S and 60S assembly factors. Within this complex, the pre-rRNA is cleaved. pre-60S ribosomes are subjected to several sequential processing steps in the nucleoplasm involving numerous assembly intermediates before it is exported to the cytoplasm and matured into the 60S ribosomal subunit. The pre-40S ribosome is matured to the small ribosomal subunit in the cytoplasm by cleavage.
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dya03008  Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes

Ortholog table
dya_M00425  H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex [PATH:dya03008]
Drosophila yakuba [GN:dya]
Dyak_GE11447  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03115]
Dyak_GE12102  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03115]
Dyak_GE15667  uncharacterized protein, isoform C [KO:K03115]
Dyak_GE22657  Dyak_CkIIalpha; casein kinase II alpha subunit, isoform A [KO:K03097] [EC:]
Dyak_GE26326  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14544]
Dyak_GE18957  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14545]
Dyak_GE19236  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14546]
Dyak_GE22581  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14548]
Dyak_GE16254  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14549]
Dyak_GE14165  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14550]
Dyak_GE13004  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14552]
Dyak_GE14067  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14553]
Dyak_GE24446  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14554]
Dyak_GE19308  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14555]
Dyak_GE25531  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14556]
Dyak_GE17419  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14557]
Dyak_GE12842  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14558]
Dyak_GE10905  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14559]
Dyak_GE11676  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14560]
Dyak_GE11866  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14560]
Dyak_GE23555  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14561]
Dyak_GE24480  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14563] [EC:2.1.1.-]
Dyak_GE11610  Dyak_Fib; Fib [KO:K14563] [EC:2.1.1.-]
Dyak_GE24041  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14564]
Dyak_GE18393  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14565]
Dyak_GE18862  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12845]
Dyak_GE14387  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11131] [EC:5.4.99.-]
Dyak_GE20000  Dyak_NHP2; NHP2 [KO:K11129]
Dyak_GE13743  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11128]
Dyak_GE13075  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11130]
Dyak_GE18875  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14566]
Dyak_GE19832  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14567]
Dyak_GE22256  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14567]
Dyak_GE19158  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03685] [EC:]
Dyak_GE16352  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14568] [EC:]
Dyak_GE19894  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14569]
Dyak_GE17433  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14521] [EC:2.3.1.-]
Dyak_GE17106  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11108]
Dyak_GE16413  uncharacterized protein [KO:K01164] [EC:]
Dyak_GE20379  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03538] [EC:]
Dyak_GE22171  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03537] [EC:]
Dyak_GE19070  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14525] [EC:]
Dyak_GE15872  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14527] [EC:]
Dyak_GE28487  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14527] [EC:]
Dyak_GE16338  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03539] [EC:]
Dyak_GE21570  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14570] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dyak_GE23757  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14570] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dyak_GE16711  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14570] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dyak_GE23924  uncharacterized protein [KO:K13288] [EC:3.1.-.-]
Dyak_GE17387  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12618] [EC:3.1.13.-]
Dyak_GE14198  uncharacterized protein [KO:K12619] [EC:3.1.13.-]
Dyak_GE22324  uncharacterized protein [KO:K06943]
Dyak_GE13986  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14537]
Dyak_GE26110  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14538]
Dyak_GE21612  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14571]
Dyak_GE13493  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14572]
Dyak_GE11426  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14573]
Dyak_GE17829  uncharacterized protein [KO:K11883]
Dyak_GE15102  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07936]
Dyak_GE17316  Dyak_ran; ran [KO:K07936]
Dyak_GE18770  Dyak_emb; emb [KO:K14290]
Dyak_GE16971  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07562]
Dyak_GE11170  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14284]
Dyak_GE15368  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K14284]
Dyak_GE24923  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14284]
Dyak_GE28616  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14284]
Dyak_GE11531  Dyak_Nxt1; Nxt1 [KO:K14285]
Dyak_GE27362  uncharacterized protein [KO:K03264]
Dyak_GE21574  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14574]
Dyak_GE19857  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14536] [EC:3.6.5.-]
Dyak_GE16528  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14539] [EC:3.6.1.-]
Dyak_GE12088  uncharacterized protein [KO:K14575]
Dyak_GE13438  uncharacterized protein [KO:K18532] [EC:]
Dyak_GE20191  uncharacterized protein, isoform A [KO:K07178] [EC:]
Dyak_GE23582  uncharacterized protein [KO:K07179] [EC:]
s-rRNA  s-rRNA [KO:K01979]
l-rRNA  l-rRNA [KO:K01982]
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