K23088                      KO                                     

vitamin A receptor/transporter (stra6) family protein
H01027  Microphthalmia
H02170  Microphthalmia, syndromic
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   02000 Transporters
    K23088  STRA6; vitamin A receptor/transporter (stra6) family protein
Transporters [BR:ko02000]
 Other transporters
  Electrochemical potential-driven transporters
   K23088  STRA6; vitamin A receptor/transporter (stra6) family protein
Other DBs
GO: 0034632
TC: 2.A.90.1 2.A.90.2
HSA: 64220(STRA6)
PTR: 453738(STRA6)
PPS: 100980602(STRA6)
GGO: 101152606(STRA6)
PON: 100189778(STRA6)
NLE: 100580945(STRA6)
MCC: 701591(STRA6) 716041
MCF: 102116294(STRA6) 102130668
CSAB: 103245343(STRA6)
RRO: 104667530 104672247(STRA6)
RBB: 108516216 108531464(STRA6)
SBQ: 101038844(STRA6) 104653224
MMU: 20897(Stra6) 74152(Stra6l)
MCAL: 110292533 110302346(Stra6)
MPAH: 110323707 110328352(Stra6)
RNO: 298077(RGD1305807) 363071(Stra6)
CGE: 100757023(Stra6) 100765804
NGI: 103736865(Stra6) 103745739
HGL: 101700022 101704953(Stra6)
CCAN: 109682576 109687670(Stra6)
OCU: 100350881(STRA6)
TUP: 102469808 102486745(STRA6)
CFA: 102151424 611518(STRA6)
VVP: 112907688(STRA6) 112930875
AML: 100474302(STRA6) 105235700
UMR: 103678492 103679000(STRA6)
UAH: 113240960(STRA6) 113260431
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EGZ: 104130831(STRA6)
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AAM: 106500161(STRA6)
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CMY: 102944889(STRA6) 102947853
CPIC: 101935329 101948118(STRA6)
ACS: 100567621
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XTR: 100124902(stra6) 100145324(stra6l.1) 108644495
NPR: 108785562(STRA6) 108802580
DRE: 100000104(stra6l) 724007(stra6)
PRET: 103466561(stra6) 103469345
MALB: 109970708 109971249(stra6)
PKI: 111844220 111846061(stra6)
LCM: 102359953(STRA6) 102360404
CMK: 103188188(stra6)
BFO: 118431564
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Szeto W, Jiang W, Tice DA, Rubinfeld B, Hollingshead PG, Fong SE, Dugger DL, Pham T, Yansura DG, Wong TA, Grimaldi JC, Corpuz RT, Singh JS, Frantz GD, Devaux B, Crowley CW, Schwall RH, Eberhard DA, Rastelli L, Polakis P, Pennica D
Overexpression of the retinoic acid-responsive gene Stra6 in human cancers and its synergistic induction by Wnt-1 and retinoic acid.
Cancer Res 61:4197-205 (2001)

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