K10161                      KO                                     

TLR9, CD289
toll-like receptor 9
ko04620  Toll-like receptor signaling pathway
ko05142  Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis)
ko05143  African trypanosomiasis
ko05144  Malaria
ko05152  Tuberculosis
ko05162  Measles
ko05168  Herpes simplex virus 1 infection
ko05235  PD-L1 expression and PD-1 checkpoint pathway in cancer
H01358  Atopic dermatitis
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09150 Organismal Systems
  09151 Immune system
   04620 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
 09160 Human Diseases
  09161 Cancer: overview
   05235 PD-L1 expression and PD-1 checkpoint pathway in cancer
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
  09171 Infectious disease: bacterial
   05152 Tuberculosis
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
  09172 Infectious disease: viral
   05162 Measles
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
   05168 Herpes simplex virus 1 infection
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
  09174 Infectious disease: parasitic
   05144 Malaria
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
   05142 Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis)
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
   05143 African trypanosomiasis
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
 09180 Brite Hierarchies
  09183 Protein families: signaling and cellular processes
   04054 Pattern recognition receptors
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
   04090 CD molecules
    K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
Pattern recognition receptors [BR:ko04054]
 Membrane-bound pattern recognition receptors
  Toll-like receptors
   K10161  TLR9, CD289; toll-like receptor 9
CD molecules [BR:ko04090]
  K10161  CD289, TLR9; toll-like receptor 9
BRITE hierarchy
HSA: 54106(TLR9)
PTR: 470827(TLR9)
PPS: 100986336(TLR9)
GGO: 101154047(TLR9)
PON: 100440654(TLR9)
NLE: 100606724(TLR9)
MCC: 574395(TLR9)
CSAB: 103227720
RRO: 104663714(TLR9)
RBB: 108522342(TLR9)
CJC: 100411708(TLR9)
SBQ: 101052925
MMU: 81897(Tlr9)
MCAL: 110302538(Tlr9)
MPAH: 110328554(Tlr9)
RNO: 338457(Tlr9)
MUN: 110550187
CGE: 100771265(Tlr9)
NGI: 108491637(Tlr9)
HGL: 101715478(Tlr9)
CCAN: 109685353(Tlr9)
OCU: 100346109(TLR9)
TUP: 102500591(TLR9)
CFA: 403502(TLR9)
VVP: 112908648(TLR9)
AML: 105237508(TLR9)
UMR: 103675072(TLR9)
UAH: 113256623(TLR9)
ORO: 101370160
FCA: 493839(TLR9)
PTG: 102969160(TLR9)
AJU: 106987025(TLR9)
BTA: 282602(TLR9)
BOM: 106700928(TLR9)
BIU: 109576281(TLR9)
BBUB: 102414149(TLR9)
PHD: 102332218(TLR9)
CHX: 100860819(TLR9)
OAS: 494547(TLR9)
SSC: 397007(TLR9)
CFR: 102514058(TLR9)
CDK: 105093485(TLR9)
BACU: 103010163(TWF2)
LVE: 103084854(TWF2)
OOR: 101289148
DLE: 111174320(TLR9)
PCAD: 102979856
ECB: 100009693(TLR9)
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MYD: 102754177(TLR9)
MNA: 107529144(TLR9)
HAI: 109375839
RSS: 109459070(TLR9)
DRO: 112309685
PALE: 102886148(TLR9)
RAY: 107504177(TLR9)
LAV: 100662104(TLR9)
TMU: 101351541
MDO: 100031018(TLR9)
SHR: 100932593(TLR9)
PCW: 110197555(TLR9)
OAA: 100074558(TLR9)
CMY: 102946862(TLR9)
CPIC: 103306370
DRE: 403128(tlr9)
SRX: 107718264
SANH: 107697999(tlr9)
CCAR: 109071016
IPU: 108265704(TLR9)
PHYP: 113533129
AMEX: 103036522(tlr9)
EEE: 113578876
PRET: 103467449
AOCE: 111574392
CSEM: 103384672
POV: 109635251
LCF: 108877869
BPEC: 110164575
ELS: 105013993
SFM: 108925592
PKI: 111848796
LCM: 102364663(TLR9)
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Chuang TH, Ulevitch RJ
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Science 319:624-7 (2008)
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