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H00604 Deafness, autosomal dominant Hereditary deafness is divided into syndromic forms (in which hearing loss is associated with a variety of other anomalies) and non-syndromic forms. Non-syndromic forms are responsible for 70% of the cases ... Nervous system disease (DFNA1) DIAPH1 [HSA:1729] [KO:K05740]
(DFNA2A) KCNQ4 [HSA:9132] [KO:K04929]
(DFNA2B) GJB3 [HSA:2707] [KO:K07622]
(DFNA3A) GJB2 [HSA:2706] [KO:K07621]
(DFNA3B) GJB6 [HSA:10804] [KO:K07625]
(DFNA4A) MYH14 [HSA:79784] [KO:K10352]
(DFNA4B) CEACAM16 [HSA:388551] [KO:K06499]
(DFNA5) GSDME [HSA:1687] [KO:K22146]
(DFNA6/14/38) WFS1 [HSA:7466] [KO:K14020]
(DFNA7) LMX1A [HSA:4009] [KO:K09371]
(DFNA8/12) TECTA [HSA:7007] [KO:K18273]
(DFNA9) COCH [HSA:1690] [KO:K23574]
(DFNA10) EYA4 [HSA:2070] [KO:K17622]
(DFNA11) MYO7A [HSA:4647] [KO:K10359]
(DFNA13) COL11A2 [HSA:1302] [KO:K19721]
(DFNA15) POU4F3 [HSA:5459] [KO:K09366]
(DFNA17) MYH9 [HSA:4627] [KO:K10352]
(DFNA20/26) ACTG1 [HSA:71] [KO:K05692]
(DFNA22) MYO6 [HSA:4646] [KO:K10358]
(DFNA23) SIX1 [HSA:6495] [KO:K15614]
(DFNA25) SLC17A8 [HSA:246213] [KO:K12302]
(DFNA27) REST [HSA:5978] [KO:K09222]
(DFNA28) GRHL2 [HSA:79977] [KO:K09275]
(DFNA34) NLRP3 [HSA:114548] [KO:K12800]
(DFNA36) TMC1 [HSA:117531] [KO:K21988]
(DFNA37) COL11A1 [HSA:1301] [KO:K19721]
(DFNA39) DSPP [HSA:1834] [KO:K23573]
(DFNA40) CRYM [HSA:1428] [KO:K18258]
(DFNA41) P2RX2 [HSA:22953] [KO:K05216]
(DFNA44) CCDC50 [HSA:152137] [KO:K25949]
(DFNA50) MIR96 [HSA:407053] [KO:K17114]
(DFNA56) TNC [HSA:3371] [KO:K06252]
(DFNA64) DIABLO [HSA:56616] [KO:K10522]
(DFNA65) TBC1D24 [HSA:57465] [KO:K21841]
(DFNA66) CD164 [HSA:8763] [KO:K06546]
(DFNA67) OSBPL2 [HSA:9885] [KO:K20174]
(DFNA68) HOMER2 [HSA:9455] [KO:K15010]
(DFNA69) KITLG [HSA:4254] [KO:K05461]
(DFNA70) MCM2 [HSA:4171] [KO:K02540]
(DFNA71) DMXL2 [HSA:23312] [KO:K24155]
(DFNA72) SLC44A4 [HSA:80736] [KO:K15377]
(DFNA73) PTPRQ [HSA:374462] [KO:K16910]
(DFNA74) PDE1C [HSA:5137] [KO:K13755]
(DFNA75) TRRAP [HSA:8295] [KO:K08874]
(DFNA76) PLS1 [HSA:5357] [KO:K17275]
(DFNA77) ABCC1 [HSA:4363] [KO:K05665]
(DFNA78) SLC12A2 [HSA:6558] [KO:K10951]
(DFNA79) SCD5 [HSA:79966] [KO:K00507]
(DFNA80) GREB1L [HSA:80000] [KO:K27478]
(DFNA81) ELMOD3 [HSA:84173] [KO:K23538]
(DFNA82) ATP2B2 [HSA:491] [KO:K05850]
(DFNA83) MAP1B [HSA:4131] [KO:K10429]
(DFNA84) ATP11A [HSA:23250] [KO:K26934]
(DFNA85) USP48 [HSA:84196] [KO:K11858]
(DFNA86) THOC1 [HSA:9984] [KO:K12878]
(DFNA87) PI4KB [HSA:5298] [KO:K19801]
(DFNA88) EPHA10 [HSA:284656] [KO:K08897]
(DFNA89) ATOH1 [HSA:474] [KO:K09083]
(DFNA90) MYO3A [HSA:53904] [KO:K08834]
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