KEGG    Network variation - Steroid hormone biosynthesis
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NameSteroid hormone biosynthesis
CategoryPathway view; Lipid/glycolipid metabolism
Pathwayhsa00140 Steroid hormone biosynthesis
Modulehsa_M00107 Steroid hormone biosynthesis, cholesterol => pregnenolone => progesterone
hsa_M00108 C21-Steroid hormone biosynthesis, progesterone => corticosterone/aldosterone
hsa_M00109 C21-Steroid hormone biosynthesis, progesterone => cortisol/cortisone
hsa_M00110 C19/C18-Steroid hormone biosynthesis, pregnenolone => androstenedione => estrone
DiseaseH00216 Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Display drug-target relation   disease type
    Adrenal insufficiency
    Adrenal hyperplasia
    Adrenal hyperplasia
    Adrenal hyperplasia
    Adrenal hyperplasia
    AME syndrome
    Cortisone reductase deficiency 2
    Cortisone reductase deficiency 1
    CBG deficiency
    Aldosterone synthase deficiency
    46,XY DSD
    46,XY DSD
    Aromatase deficiency
    Aromatase excess syndrome

Disease nameDisease category
Adrenal insufficiencyH02314Adrenal insufficiency, congenital, with 46XY sex reversal, partial or completeEndocrine and metabolic disease
Adrenal hyperplasiaH00216Congenital adrenal hyperplasiaEndocrine and metabolic disease
AME syndromeH00259Apparent mineralocorticoid excess syndromeEndocrine and metabolic disease
Cortisone reductase deficiency 2H01111Cortisone reductase deficiencyEndocrine and metabolic disease
Cortisone reductase deficiency 1H01111Cortisone reductase deficiencyEndocrine and metabolic disease
CBG deficiencyH01163Corticosteroid-binding globulin (CBG) deficiencyEndocrine and metabolic disease
Aldosterone synthase deficiencyH00258Aldosterone synthase deficiencyEndocrine and metabolic disease
46,XY DSDH0060846,XY disorder of sex development due to testosterone secretion defectReproductive system disease
Aromatase deficiencyH02020Aromatase deficiencyEndocrine and metabolic disease
Aromatase excess syndromeH00794Aromatase excess syndromeEndocrine and metabolic disease