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H00264 Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy
Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease, also called hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (HMSN), is a group of disorders characterized by a chronic motor and sensory polyneuropathy. Based on nerve conduction ... Neurodegenerative disease (CMT1A/1E) PMP22 [HSA:5376] [KO:K19289]
(CMT1B/2I/2J/4E) MPZ [HSA:4359] [KO:K06770]
(CMT1C) LITAF [HSA:9516] [KO:K19363]
(CMT1D/4E) EGR2 [HSA:1959] [KO:K12496]
(CMT1F/2E/DIG) NEFL [HSA:4747] [KO:K04572]
(CMT1G) PMP2 [HSA:5375] [KO:K24977]
(CMT1H) FBLN5 [HSA:10516] [KO:K17340]
(CMT1I) POLR3B [HSA:55703] [KO:K03021]
(CMT1J) ITPR3 [HSA:3710] [KO:K04960]
(CMT2A1) KIF1B [HSA:23095] [KO:K10392]
(CMT2A2/6) MFN2 [HSA:9927] [KO:K06030]
(CMT2B) RAB7A [HSA:7879] [KO:K07897]
(CMT2B1) LMNA [HSA:4000] [KO:K12641]
(CMT2B2) PNKP [HSA:11284] [KO:K08073]
(CMT2C) TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
(CMT2CC) NEFH [HSA:4744] [KO:K04574]
(CMT2D) GARS1 [HSA:2617] [KO:K01880]
(CMT2DD) ATP1A1 [HSA:476] [KO:K01539]
(CMT2EE) MPV17 [HSA:4358] [KO:K13348]
(CMT2F) HSPB1 [HSA:3315] [KO:K04455]
(CMT2FF) CADM3 [HSA:57863] [KO:K06780]
(CMT2GG) GBF1 [HSA:8729] [KO:K18443]
(CMT2HH) JAG1 [HSA:182] [KO:K06052]
(CMT2II) SLC12A6 [HSA:9990] [KO:K14427]
(CMT2K/4A/RIA) GDAP1 [HSA:54332] [KO:K22077]
(CMT2K) JPH1 [HSA:56704] [KO:K19530]
(CMT2L) HSPB8 [HSA:26353] [KO:K08879]
(CMT2M/DIB) DNM2 [HSA:1785] [KO:K23484]
(CMT2N) AARS1 [HSA:16] [KO:K01872]
(CMT2O) DYNC1H1 [HSA:1778] [KO:K10413]
(CMT2P) LRSAM1 [HSA:90678] [KO:K10641]
(CMT2Q) DHTKD1 [HSA:55526] [KO:K15791]
(CMT2R) TRIM2 [HSA:23321] [KO:K11997]
(CMT2S) IGHMBP2 [HSA:3508] [KO:K19036]
(CMT2T) MME [HSA:4311] [KO:K01389]
(CMT2U) MARS1 [HSA:4141] [KO:K01874]
(CMT2V) NAGLU [HSA:4669] [KO:K01205]
(CMT2W) HARS1 [HSA:3035] [KO:K01892]
(CMT2X) SPG11 [HSA:80208] [KO:K19026]
(CMT2Y) VCP [HSA:7415] [KO:K13525]
(CMT2Z) MORC2 [HSA:22880] [KO:K24135]
(CMT4B1) MTMR2 [HSA:8898] [KO:K18081]
(CMT4B2) SBF2 [HSA:81846] [KO:K18061]
(CMT4B3) SBF1 [HSA:6305] [KO:K18061]
(CMT4C/MNMN) SH3TC2 [HSA:79628] [KO:K24313]
(CMT4D) NDRG1 [HSA:10397] [KO:K18266]
(CMT4F) PRX [HSA:57716] [KO:K27395]
(CMT4H) FGD4 [HSA:121512] [KO:K05723]
(CMT4J) FIG4 [HSA:9896] [KO:K22913]
(CMT4K) SURF1 [HSA:6834] [KO:K14998]
(CMT6B) SLC25A46 [HSA:91137] [KO:K03454]
(CMT6C) PDXK [HSA:8566] [KO:K00868]
(CMTX1) GJB1 [HSA:2705] [KO:K07620]
(CMTX5) PRPS1 [HSA:5631] [KO:K00948]
(CMTX6) PDK3 [HSA:5165] [KO:K00898]
(CMTDIC) YARS1 [HSA:8565] [KO:K01866]
(CMTDIE) INF2 [HSA:64423] [KO:K23958]
(CMTDIF) GNB4 [HSA:59345] [KO:K04538]
(CMTRIB) KARS1 [HSA:3735] [KO:K04567]
(CMTRIC) PLEKHG5 [HSA:57449] [KO:K19464]
(CMTRID) COX6A1 [HSA:1337] [KO:K02266]
H00522 Brachyolmia ... dysplasias that primarily affects the spine. To date, four types of brachyolmia are known. Mutations in the TRPV4, a calcium-permeable nonselective cation channel, have been identified in an autosomal dominant ... Congenital malformation (BCYM3) TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
(BCYM4) PAPSS2 [HSA:9060] [KO:K13811]
H00524 Scapuloperoneal spinal muscular atrophy Scapuloperoneal spinal muscular atrophy (SPSMA) is one of the TRPV4-related diseases. They are a heterogeneous group of dominantly inherited disorders with muscle weakness. Mutations in TRPV4 have been ... Nervous system disease TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
H00856 Distal hereditary motor neuropathies Distal hereditary motor neuropathies (dHMN) comprise a heterogenous group of diseases that share the common feature of a length-dependent predominantly motor neuropathy. Many forms of dHMN have minor sensory ... Nervous system disease (HMND2) HSPB8 [HSA:26353] [KO:K08879]
(HMND3) HSPB1 [HSA:3315] [KO:K04455]
(HMND4) HSPB3 [HSA:8988] [KO:K09544]
(HMND5) GARS1 [HSA:2617] [KO:K01880]
(HMND6) FBXO38 [HSA:81545] [KO:K10313]
(HMND7) SLC5A7 [HSA:60482] [KO:K14387]
(HMND8) TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
(HMND9) WARS1 [HSA:7453] [KO:K01867]
(HMND10) EMILIN1 [HSA:11117] [KO:K24246]
(HMND11) SPTAN1 [HSA:6709] [KO:K06114]
(HMND12/HMNR6) REEP1 [HSA:65055] [KO:K17338]
(HMND13) BSCL2 [HSA:26580] [KO:K19365]
(HMND14) DCTN1 [HSA:1639] [KO:K04648]
(HMNR1) IGHMBP2 [HSA:3508] [KO:K19036]
(HMNR2) SIGMAR1 [HSA:10280] [KO:K20719]
(HMNR4) PLEKHG5 [HSA:57449] [KO:K19464]
(HMNR5) DNAJB2 [HSA:3300] [KO:K09508]
(HMNR7) VWA1 [HSA:64856] [KO:K24507]
(HMNR8) SORD [HSA:6652] [KO:K00008]
(HMNR9) COQ7 [HSA:10229] [KO:K06134]
(HMNR10) VRK1 [HSA:7443] [KO:K08816]
(HMNX) ATP7A [HSA:538] [KO:K17686]
H01529 Avascular necrosis of femoral head
Osteonecrosis of the femoral head
Avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANFH) is one of the most common diseases of osteonecrosis that leads to destruction of the hip joint. Osteonecrosis is a pathological process in which cellular death ... Musculoskeletal disease (ANFH1) COL2A1 [HSA:1280] [KO:K19719]
(ANFH2) TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
SERPINE1 [HSA:5054] [KO:K03982]
VEGFA [HSA:7422] [KO:K05448]
NOS3 [HSA:4846] [KO:K13242]
ABCB1 [HSA:5243] [KO:K05658]
H02062 Familial digital arthropathy-brachydactyly ... disorder characterized by aggressive osteoarthropathy of the fingers and toes and consequent shortening of the middle and distal phalanges. It is caused by mutations in TRPV4 that encodes the cation channel. Musculoskeletal disease TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
H02183 Parastremmatic dwarfism
Parastremmatic dysplasia
Parastremmatic dwarfism is a rare disorder, caused by TRPV4 mutations. Clinical symptoms include shortening of the trunk because of platyspondyly and scoliosis, as well as flexum deformity in both knees ... Congenital malformation TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
H02184 Metatropic dysplasia ... include a prominent forehead, midface hypoplasia, and a squared-off jaw. Mutations in the gene encoding TRPV4, a calcium permeable ion channel, have recently been identified in nonlethal metatropic dysplasia Congenital malformation TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
H02185 Spondylometaphyseal dysplasia The spondylometaphyseal dysplasias (SMD) are a group of short-stature disorders distinguished by abnormalities in the vertebrae and the metaphyses of the tubular bones. Aside from the most common SMD Kozlowski ... Congenital malformation (SMDK) TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
(SMDCF) FN1 [HSA:2335] [KO:K05717]
(SMDAX) CFAP410 [HSA:755] [KO:K23456]
(SMDCD) PLCB3 [HSA:5331] [KO:K05858]
(SMDP) PRKG2 [HSA:5593] [KO:K19477]
H02186 Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, Maroteaux type
Pseudo-Morquio syndrome type 2
... characterized by short stature with marked shortening of the trunk, and brachydactyly. Facial deformities, ocular changes, and neurodevelopmental abnormalities are absent. It is caused by TRPV4 mutations. Congenital malformation TRPV4 [HSA:59341] [KO:K04973]
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