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Peroxisome - Oryza sativa japonica (Japanese rice) (RefSeq)
Peroxisomes are essential organelles that play a key role in redox signalling and lipid homeostasis. They contribute to many crucial metabolic processes such as fatty acid oxidation, biosynthesis of ether lipids and free radical detoxification. The biogenesis of peroxisomes starts with the early peroxins PEX3, PEX16 and PEX19 and proceeds via several steps. The import of membrane proteins into peroxisomes needs PEX19 for recognition, targeting and insertion via docking at PEX3. Matrix proteins in the cytosol are recognized by peroxisomal targeting signals (PTS) and transported to the docking complex at the peroxisomal membrane. Peroxisomes' deficiencies lead to severe and often fatal inherited peroxisomal disorders (PD). PDs are usually classified in two groups. The first group is disorders of peroxisome biogenesis which include Zellweger syndrome, and the second group is single peroxisomal enzyme deficiencies.
Cellular Processes; Transport and catabolism
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osa04146  Peroxisome

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GO: 0005777
Oryza sativa japonica (Japanese rice) (RefSeq) [GN:osa]
4328136  peroxisome biogenesis protein 16 [KO:K13335]
4346691  peroxisome biogenesis protein 3-1 [KO:K13336]
4330220  peroxisome biogenesis protein 19-1 [KO:K13337]
4346288  peroxisome biogenesis protein 1 [KO:K13338]
4337006  peroxisome biogenesis protein 6 [KO:K13339]
4328861  peroxisome biogenesis protein 7 [KO:K13341]
4345945  peroxisome biogenesis protein 5 isoform X1 [KO:K13342]
4337525  peroxisomal membrane protein PEX14 isoform X1 [KO:K13343]
9268894  peroxisomal membrane protein PEX14 isoform X1 [KO:K13343]
4342419  peroxisomal membrane protein 13 isoform X1 [KO:K13344]
4348849  peroxisome biogenesis protein 12 [KO:K13345]
4343871  peroxisome biogenesis factor 10 [KO:K13346]
4343872  uncharacterized protein LOC4343872 [KO:K13346]
4338276  peroxisome biogenesis protein 2 [KO:K06664]
4328779  peroxisomal membrane protein PMP22 [KO:K13347]
4349678  protein SYM1 [KO:K13347]
107276049  protein SYM1-like [KO:K13347]
4346360  peroxisomal membrane protein PMP22 [KO:K13347]
4352306  PXMP2/4 family protein 4 [KO:K13348]
4327186  protein Mpv17 [KO:K13348]
4324427  protein Mpv17 [KO:K13348]
4333336  uncharacterized protein LOC4333336 [KO:K13348]
4332347  peroxisomal nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide carrier [KO:K13354]
4347528  peroxisomal nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide carrier [KO:K13354]
4328774  peroxisomal nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide carrier [KO:K13354]
4324491  2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase [KO:K12261] [EC:]
4333863  phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase 1 [KO:K00477] [EC:]
4339087  phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase 2 isoform X1 [KO:K00477] [EC:]
4340986  acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 3, peroxisomal isoform X1 [KO:K00232] [EC:]
4339846  peroxisomal acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 1 [KO:K00232] [EC:]
4350881  acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 2, peroxisomal [KO:K00232] [EC:]
4324062  acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 4, peroxisomal [KO:K00232] [EC:]
4340976  acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 4, peroxisomal [KO:K00232] [EC:]
4337904  acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 4, peroxisomal isoform X1 [KO:K00232] [EC:]
4340972  acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 4, peroxisomal isoform X1 [KO:K00232] [EC:]
4331150  3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase 2, peroxisomal [KO:K07513] [EC:]
4348804  3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase 2, peroxisomal [KO:K07513] [EC:]
4336980  peroxisomal 2,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase [KO:K13237] [EC:]
4327232  delta(3,5)-Delta(2,4)-dienoyl-CoA isomerase, mitochondrial [KO:K12663] [EC:]
4324471  ABC transporter D family member 1 [KO:K25819] [EC:]
4337574  ABC transporter D family member 1 [KO:K25819] [EC:]
4338395  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 8 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4334764  probable acyl-activating enzyme 16, chloroplastic [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4351483  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 6, peroxisomal isoform X1 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4351610  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 9, chloroplastic [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4350728  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 2 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4340187  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 4 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4324180  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 4 isoform X1 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4349764  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 6, peroxisomal isoform X1 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4337714  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 1 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4324393  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 4 isoform X1 [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4349889  long chain acyl-CoA synthetase 9, chloroplastic [KO:K01897] [EC:]
4340074  nudix hydrolase 19, chloroplastic [KO:K03426] [EC:]
4346967  malonyl-CoA decarboxylase, mitochondrial [KO:K01578] [EC:]
4347887  putative fatty acyl-CoA reductase 7 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
4331746  fatty acyl-CoA reductase 2 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
4335559  fatty acyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
4335562  fatty acyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
4346301  fatty acyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
4335561  alcohol-forming fatty acyl-CoA reductase [KO:K13356] [EC:]
107278422  fatty acyl-CoA reductase 1-like isoform X1 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
9267826  fatty acyl-CoA reductase 1 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
107276319  alcohol-forming fatty acyl-CoA reductase-like isoform X1 [KO:K13356] [EC:]
4348331  mevalonate kinase [KO:K00869] [EC:]
4345962  serine--glyoxylate aminotransferase [KO:K00830] [EC:]
4336353  isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] [KO:K00031] [EC:]
4339674  isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] [KO:K00031] [EC:]
4327213  cytosolic isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] [KO:K00031] [EC:]
4324176  cytosolic isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] [KO:K00031] [EC:]
4327296  probable sarcosine oxidase [KO:K00306] [EC:]
107276062  probable sarcosine oxidase [KO:K00306] [EC:]
4352447  probable sarcosine oxidase [KO:K00306] [EC:]
4326266  hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA lyase, mitochondrial [KO:K01640] [EC:]
4351434  hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA lyase, mitochondrial isoform X1 [KO:K01640] [EC:]
4349718  hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA lyase, mitochondrial [KO:K01640] [EC:]
4334349  peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO1 [KO:K11517] [EC:]
4337048  peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO3 isoform X1 [KO:K11517] [EC:]
4342420  peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO5 isoform X1 [KO:K11517] [EC:]
4343908  peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO4 isoform X1 [KO:K11517] [EC:]
9266366  LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO2 [KO:K11517] [EC:]
4328073  catalase isozyme A [KO:K03781] [EC:]
4342124  catalase isozyme B [KO:K03781] [EC:]
4331509  catalase-1 [KO:K03781] [EC:]
4346329  superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn], chloroplastic [KO:K04565] [EC:]
4332082  superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn] 2 isoform X1 [KO:K04565] [EC:]
4332846  superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn] 1 [KO:K04565] [EC:]
4344210  superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn] 2 [KO:K04565] [EC:]
4338417  superoxide dismutase [Mn], mitochondrial [KO:K04564] [EC:]
4339922  superoxide dismutase [Fe] 1, chloroplastic [KO:K04564] [EC:]
4340091  superoxide dismutase [Fe] 2, chloroplastic [KO:K04564] [EC:]
4333171  xanthine dehydrogenase isoform X1 [KO:K00106] [EC:]
4346459  tropinone reductase-like 3 [KO:K11147] [EC:1.1.-.-]
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osa00071  Fatty acid degradation
osa00230  Purine metabolism
osa00564  Glycerophospholipid metabolism
osa00565  Ether lipid metabolism
osa00900  Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis
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