KEGG   DISEASE: 全身性エリテマトーデス
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a prototypic autoimmune disease characterised by the production of IgG autoantibodies that are specific for self-antigens, such as DNA, nuclear proteins and certain cytoplasmic components, in association with a diverse array of clinical manifestations. The primary pathological findings in patients with SLE are those of inflammation, vasculitis, immune complex deposition, and vasculopathy. Immune complexes comprising autoantibody and self-antigen is deposited particularly in the renal glomeruli and mediate a systemic inflammatory response by activating complement or via Fc{gamma}R-mediated neutrophil and macrophage activation. Activation of complement (C5) leads to injury both through formation of the membrane attack complex (C5b-9) or by generation of the anaphylatoxin and cell activator C5a. Neutrophils and macrophages cause tissue injury by the release of oxidants and proteases. It has been reported that there is a relatively high genetic component behind SLE. The data of family-based studies point toward an oligogenic background, with several susceptibility genes (SLEB) acting on disease expression along with environmental factors.
ICD-11 による疾患分類 [BR:jp08403]
 04 免疫系の疾患
   4A40  エリテマトーデス [紅斑性狼瘡]
    H00080  全身性エリテマトーデス
パスウェイに基づく疾患分類 [BR:jp08402]
  nt06517  TLR シグナリング
   H00080  全身性エリテマトーデス
  nt06520  CGAS-STING シグナリング
   H00080  全身性エリテマトーデス
  nt06537  TCR/BCR シグナリング
   H00080  全身性エリテマトーデス
指定難病 [jp08407.html]
hsa05322  全身性エリテマトーデス
hsa04620 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway   
hsa04623 Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway   
hsa04660 T cell receptor signaling pathway   
nt06517 TLR signaling
nt06520 CGAS-STING signaling
nt06537 TCR/BCR signaling
(SLE) PTPN22 [HSA:26191] [KO:K18024]
(SLE) FCGR2A [HSA:2212] [KO:K06472]
(SLE) FCGR2B [HSA:2213] [KO:K12560]
(SLE) CTLA4 [HSA:1493] [KO:K06538]
(SLE) TREX1 [HSA:11277] [KO:K10790]
(SLE) DNASE1 [HSA:1773] [KO:K11994]
(SLEB1) TLR5 [HSA:7100] [KO:K10168]
(SLEB2) PDCD1 [HSA:5133] [KO:K06744]
(SLEB9) CR2 [HSA:1380] [KO:K04012]
(SLEB10) IRF5 [HSA:3663] [KO:K09446]
(SLEB11) STAT4 [HSA:6775] [KO:K11222]
(SLEB16) DNASE1L3 [HSA:1776] [KO:K11995]
(SLEB17) TLR7 [HSA:51284] [KO:K05404]
HLA-DRB1 [HSA:3123] [KO:K06752]
HLA-DQA1 [HSA:3117] [KO:K06752]
HLA-DQB1 [HSA:3119] [KO:K06752]
C2 [HSA:717] [KO:K01332]
C4A [HSA:720] [KO:K03989]
TNF [HSA:7124] [KO:K03156]
FCGR3A [HSA:2214] [KO:K06463]
FCGR3B [HSA:2215] [KO:K06463]
CRP [HSA:1401] [KO:K16143]
ZNF423 [HSA:23090] [KO:K22870]
デキサメタゾン [DR:D00292]
デキサメタゾンリン酸エステルナトリウム [DR:D00975]
ベタメタゾンリン酸エステルナトリウム [DR:D00972]
トリアムシノロンアセトニド [DR:D00983]
アルプロスタジル [DR:D00180]
ヒドロコルチゾン [DR:D00088]
ヒドロコルチゾンコハク酸エステルナトリウム [DR:D00978]
コルチゾン酢酸エステル [DR:D00973]
トリアムシノロン [DR:D00385]
ベタメタゾン [DR:D00244]
プレドニゾロン [DR:D00472]
プレドニゾロンコハク酸エステルナトリウム [DR:D01239]
メチルプレドニゾロン [DR:D00407]
メチルプレドニゾロンコハク酸エステルナトリウム [DR:D00751]
メチルプレドニゾロン酢酸エステル [DR:D00979]
ベリムマブ [DR:D03068]
アニフロルマブ [DR:D11082]
アザチオプリン [DR:D00238]
ヒドロキシクロロキン硫酸塩 [DR:D02114]
シクロホスファミド水和物 [DR:D00287]
Double-stranded DNA [CPD:C00434]
H2A [HSA:474382]
H2B [HSA:8346]
H3 [HSA:3020]
H4 [HSA:8359]
Ro/SS-A [HSA:6737]
La/SS-B [HSA:6741]
Sm-B [HSA:6628]
Sm-D [HSA:6632]
NR2A [HSA:2903]
NR2B [HSA:2904]
Phosphatidyl-serine [CPD:C02737]
C1q [HSA:712]
ICD-11: 4A40.0
ICD-10: M32
MeSH: D008180
OMIM: 152700 601744 605218 610927 612251 612253 614420 301080
PMID:15273934 (PTPN22)
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