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Nucleocytoplasmic transport - Saccharomyces cerevisiae (budding yeast)
The exchange of molecules between the nucleus and cytoplasm is mediated through nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) embedded in the nuclear envelope. The NPC is composed of highly conserved, distinct structural modules: the inner pore ring, the cytoplasmic and nuclear rings as well as the cytoplasmic filaments and the nuclear basket. Nuclear transport receptors (e.g. importins and exportins) mediate translocation of cargos through the NPC. Cargo proteins harbouring a nuclear export signal (NES) bind to exportins and Ran-GTP to form an export complex in the nucleoplasm. Nuclear export of bulk mRNA is provided by the non-karyopherin transport proteins TAP-p15 in a Ran-GTP-independent manner. Several EJC factors are known to function in mRNA export.
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sce03013  Nucleocytoplasmic transport

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GO: 0050658
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (budding yeast) [GN:sce]
YDL207W  GLE1; nucleoporin GLE1 [KO:K18723]
YOR046C  DBP5; ATP-dependent RNA helicase DBP5 [KO:K18655] [EC:]
YER107C  GLE2; RNA export factor GLE2 [KO:K14298]
YMR047C  NUP116; FG-nucleoporin NUP116 [KO:K14297]
YKL068W  NUP100; FG-nucleoporin NUP100 [KO:K14297]
YMR235C  RNA1; GTPase-activating protein RNA1 [KO:K14319]
YDL064W  UBC9; E2 SUMO-conjugating protein UBC9 [KO:K10577]
YKL057C  NUP120; Nup120p [KO:K14303]
YJR042W  NUP85; Nup85p [KO:K14304]
YLR208W  SEC13; GTPase-activating protein SEC13 [KO:K14004]
YDL116W  NUP84; Nup84p [KO:K14301]
YKR082W  NUP133; Nup133p [KO:K14300]
YGL092W  NUP145; nucleocytoplasmic transporter NUP145 [KO:K18720]
YGL100W  SEH1; Seh1p [KO:K14299]
YJL041W  NSP1; FG-nucleoporin NSP1 [KO:K14306]
YGL172W  NUP49; FG-nucleoporin NUP49 [KO:K14307]
YGR119C  NUP57; FG-nucleoporin NUP57 [KO:K14308]
YJL039C  NUP192; Nup192p [KO:K14310]
YML103C  NUP188; Nup188p [KO:K14311]
YBL079W  NUP170; Nup170p [KO:K14312]
YER105C  NUP157; Nup157p [KO:K14312]
YFR002W  NIC96; linker nucleoporin NIC96 [KO:K14309]
YMR153W  NUP53; FG-nucleoporin NUP53 [KO:K14313]
YDL088C  ASM4; FG-nucleoporin ASM4 [KO:K18717]
YML031W  NDC1; Ndc1p [KO:K14315]
YMR129W  POM152; Pom152p [KO:K18725]
YLR018C  POM34; Pom34p [KO:K18724]
YLR064W  PER33; Per33p [KO:K20724]
YLL023C  POM33; nucleoporin POM33 [KO:K20724]
YKR095W  MLP1; Mlp1p [KO:K09291]
YIL149C  MLP2; Mlp2p [KO:K09291]
YLR335W  NUP2; nucleoporin NUP2 [KO:K18722]
YOR098C  NUP1; FG-nucleoporin NUP1 [KO:K18721]
YAR002W  NUP60; FG-nucleoporin NUP60 [KO:K18718]
YNL189W  SRP1; karyopherin alpha [KO:K15042]
YLR347C  KAP95; karyopherin beta [KO:K14293]
YBR017C  KAP104; Kap104p [KO:K18752]
YOR160W  MTR10; Mtr10p [KO:K15436]
YER110C  KAP123; Kap123p [KO:K20221]
YMR308C  PSE1; Pse1p [KO:K20222]
YJR132W  NMD5; Nmd5p [KO:K20223]
YDR395W  SXM1; Sxm1p [KO:K20223]
YGL241W  KAP114; Kap114p [KO:K20224]
YPL125W  KAP120; Kap120p [KO:K25201]
YGR218W  CRM1; exportin CRM1 [KO:K14290]
YGL238W  CSE1; importin-alpha export receptor [KO:K18423]
YKL205W  LOS1; Ran GTPase-binding protein LOS1 [KO:K14288]
YDR335W  MSN5; karyopherin MSN5 [KO:K14289]
YLR293C  GSP1; Ran GTPase GSP1 [KO:K07936]
YOR185C  GSP2; Ran GTPase GSP2 [KO:K07936]
YPR080W  TEF1; translation elongation factor EF-1 alpha [KO:K03231]
YBR118W  TEF2; translation elongation factor EF-1 alpha [KO:K03231]
YMR125W  STO1; Sto1p [KO:K12882]
YPL178W  CBC2; nuclear cap-binding protein subunit CBC2 [KO:K12883]
YHR170W  NMD3; ribosome-binding protein NMD3 [KO:K07562]
YDR021W  FAL1; ATP-dependent RNA helicase FAL1 [KO:K13025] [EC:]
YDR381W  YRA1; RNA-binding protein YRA1 [KO:K12881]
YMR080C  NAM7; ATP-dependent RNA helicase NAM7 [KO:K14326] [EC:]
YHR077C  NMD2; Nmd2p [KO:K14327]
YGR072W  UPF3; Upf3p [KO:K14328]
YPL169C  MEX67; Mex67p [KO:K14284]
YKL186C  MTR2; Mtr2p [KO:K14543]
YDL084W  SUB2; ATP-dependent RNA helicase SUB2 [KO:K12812] [EC:]
YNL139C  THO2; Tho2p [KO:K12879]
YNL253W  TEX1; Tex1p [KO:K12880]
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sce03015  mRNA surveillance pathway
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