K03172                      KO                                     
TNF receptor-associated factor 1
map04064  NF-kappa B signaling pathway
map04210  Apoptosis
map04668  TNF signaling pathway
map05200  Pathways in cancer
map05202  Transcriptional misregulation in cancer
map05203  Viral carcinogenesis
map05222  Small cell lung cancer
KEGG Orthology (KO) [BR:ko00001]
 09130 Environmental Information Processing
  09132 Signal transduction
   04064 NF-kappa B signaling pathway
    K03172  TRAF1; TNF receptor-associated factor 1
   04668 TNF signaling pathway
    K03172  TRAF1; TNF receptor-associated factor 1
 09140 Cellular Processes
  09143 Cell growth and death
   04210 Apoptosis
    K03172  TRAF1; TNF receptor-associated factor 1
 09160 Human Diseases
  09161 Cancer: overview
   05200 Pathways in cancer
    K03172  TRAF1; TNF receptor-associated factor 1
   05202 Transcriptional misregulation in cancer
    K03172  TRAF1; TNF receptor-associated factor 1
   05203 Viral carcinogenesis
    K03172  TRAF1; TNF receptor-associated factor 1
  09162 Cancer: specific types
   05222 Small cell lung cancer
    K03172  TRAF1; TNF receptor-associated factor 1
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Mosialos G, Birkenbach M, Yalamanchili R, VanArsdale T, Ware C, Kieff E
The Epstein-Barr virus transforming protein LMP1 engages signaling proteins for the tumor necrosis factor receptor family.
Cell 80:389-99 (1995)
Kato T Jr, Gotoh Y, Hoffmann A, Ono Y
Negative regulation of constitutive NF-kappaB and JNK signaling by PKN1-mediated phosphorylation of TRAF1.
Genes Cells 13:509-20 (2008)
[hsa:7185] [mmu:22029]

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